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08/11/2016, 21:30

If you like Fusionjazz, then the Thomas Bracht Band is just the right thing for you.

thomas bracht

The band will present songs from their new CD "unterwegs", recorded in collaboration with Echo Award winner Nils Wogram.
Look forward to a sound that combines the spirit of fusion, the music of the 70s with progressive, modern, original elements and a little world music. A certain volume and joy of playing. Warm, wagging synths over cool, funky to rocking Beats!

Thomas Bracht - Keyboards
Fred Noll - Percussion, Brass
Tobias Fritzen - Bass
Konrad Matheus - Drums

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29/09/2016, 21:30

LiquID Blues Houseband
- jam session -

jam session mic

We are happy to welcome back our Blues Houseband after our summer break for this first jam session of this new season.
The host for tonight's session will be reknown guitar player Fred Barreto and you're welcome to join in and jam the blues with our crew.

See you all there!

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27/09/2016, 21:30

Benedikt Schweigstill Trio

If you like jazz, then the Schweigstill trio is just the right thing for you. From melodic harmonies, wild rhythms to floating melodies. Here, the interaction between the three musicians is in the foreground. The trio is distinguished mainly by their own compositions, mainly from the pen of Benedict Schweigstill. Through enthusiasm, musical creativity and good craft an unforgettable concert is guaranteed.

Benedikt Schweigstill trio

Benedict Schweigstill (D) - Piano and Composition
Tanja Silcher (D) - Bass
David Gawlik (L) - Drums

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20/09/2016, 21:30

Carte Blanche:

Jerome Klein, Pol Belardi & Niels Engel
Our first Carte Blanche this season.

carte blanche

Our good friends Jerome KleinPol Belardi and Niels Engel are gathering up as a special and unique line up for an improvised jam night this Tuesday. Undiscussably revolving around jazz, the evening will for sure deliver its lot of surprises... Come and groove with us ;)

A unique evening not to miss!

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18/08/2016, 22:00

- Reunion Gig -

Poundcake was founded in 2001 and has as unique aim to play and share their love for high-energy-blues-rock in luxembourg and great region. The band performs covers from legendary blues artists like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Bonamassa, Robben Ford, Philip Sayce etc...

they perform their songs with high power and fat grooves with a very personal touch.
personal tip.
great gig!

come and enjoy....
their website here...


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11/08/2016, 21:30


casamance - manu

CASAMANCE is an afro-reggae band from France and Senegal. They'll fill our heads up with sun and god knows we need it with the recent kind of wheather... 

casamance concert poster

Incredible musicians carrying this interesting project influenced by jamaican and african music and mixed with rock elements. Roots, Reggae and World music at its best. Definitely the best way to celebrate mid summer with us this coming Thursday! 

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04/08/2016, 22:00


as malik poster

Coming from various musical horizons, The Tribe’s musicians play with their eclecticism. Soul, funk, pop, groove and reggae, every single one of them managed to implement their background into their music and this original sound.

as malik bw

The band, active since 2009, is an interesting mix of a warm soulful voice on top of a strong and powerful rhythm section, all of this seasoned with catchy guitar "gimmicks" and nowadays coated with an additional keyboard.Among them, their charismatic singer "As Malick" is well known in Senegal (album "Bénéne vibes" best solo album at Hip Hop Awards) for his distinguishable voice and his mesmerizing frontman skills.

as malik life time cover

After the release of the first album "Trip" in 2010, an EP "Hope" was launched in 2012. Today, the group confirms its musical richness by releasing their third EP "Life Time". But it is on stage that the group has established itself. Roaming between an electric formula to acoustic pieces, friendliness is well established: communication with the public, catchy choruses, The Tribe scored several hundred concerts, many television broadcasts Live video clips and multiple radio airplay, up to ensure the first part of Keziah Jones.

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28/07/2016, 21:30

So for the first gig of this Summer Serie, we have organised a unique line up for tonight. Now don't worry, these great musicians from very different backgrounds will gather up for our biggest pleasure and fill up the place with nice warm and groovy summer tunes, party is on!!!

cherpitel 03

Guillaume Cherpitel on keyboards


Apollo Munyanshongore on bass

eric ragazzini

Eric Ragazzini on drums 

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19/07/2016, 21:30

CPH Trio
Jam Session

For our last regular Tuesday Jazz Session before our summer break, we are happy to welcome some good friends tonight who will warm up the place with a first set and launch the end of year jam session.

sylvain courtney

Sylvain Courtney on guitar,

Laurent Payfert

Laurent Payfert on bass

jeff herr

and Jeff Herr on drums.

Now you know what you get, you also know you dont want to miss this one either... ;)

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14/07/2016, 21:30


Due to last minute changes, we are happy to announce our good friend Renaud Lesire and his blues trio tonight!

RL Lesire

We are lucky and blessed to have good friends and talented musicians. Renaud is one of the main belgian Bluesmen, hitting as well 4 as 6 strings, both guitar and bass. He'll be performing some Chicago and Delta blues. Come discover this great artist if you dont know him yet, otherwise you'd know you dont want to miss it!

See you there ;)

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07/07/2016, 21:30

SMAF is Sebastian Marc-Anton Flach and a collective of fine musicians.
Long live the groove! Here is the soundtrack for your daily life & good times!

Smaf boum boum

The boys play an exciting mix of Funk, Groove and Tex/mex influences. The coolest band in town today!
A great and fun night garanteed!!!
See you all there! :)

SMAF band

Sebastian Marc-Anton Flach: Bass
Martin Meixner: Hammond Organ & Rhodes 
Simon Seeleuther: Guitar/Pedalsteel
Christian Huber: Drums

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05/07/2016, 21:30

Vincent Thekal Trio
"Monk's Music"

vincent thekal

A trio of very high quality trio from Paris and Bruxelles presenting the wide universe of Thelonious Monk's music.
Swing, humour, explorations, a beautiful evening guaranteed.

Vincent Thekal: sax
Bertrand Béruard: bass
Armando Luongo: drums

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30/06/2016, 21:30

LiquID Blues Houseband
Jam Session

jam session mic

It's time again tonight for our monthly rendez-vous with our blues houseband and our monthly jam session.
Come enjoy or participate :)

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28/06/2016, 18:30

Bluebird Combo Night
Founded a couple of years ago, Bluebird Music A.s.b.l.'s mission is to promote and support local music from Luxembourg and the Greater Region.
Tonight is going to be a very special night in LiquID; 8 music schools from the country will each present a combo of their students, so we have 8 combos lined up tonight for our entertainment. Come support the next generation of musicians :)

Bluebird Combo Night 2016 (A3)

Starting 18:30!!!

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21/06/2016, 21:30

Dock in Absolute is made up of 3 professionnal musicians having studied at the Berklee College of Music Boston, Codarts University of Arts Rotterdam, Hochschule für Musik Saarbrücken, including Michel Meis (percussion), David Kintziger (double bass) and Jean-Philippe Koch (piano). With a shared love of jazz, they combine different styles of classical and rock, electro, with visual arts playing the pianist’s own compositions and co-created their unique jazz style in 2012.

Dock in Absolute

The trio presented its music to many Festivals as well as Clubs including the Hong Kong International Jazz Festival, the Beishan International Jazz Festival, the Brussels Jazz Marathon, the Blues’n Jazz Rallye Luxembourg, the Blues Express, Sibiu Jazz Festival, Berlin B Flat, Jazzit Fest Torino, and soon at the Lux Jazz Meeting, Paris Jazz Festival à la Cité, Stuttgart Musikfest, Like A Jazz Machine Festival…

The trio has already performed in many different locations including Luxembourg, China, Belgium, Germany… Their fresh approach to jazz allowed them to push boundaries, and to explore the potential of new unique wave of sounds while adding strength to the jazz field.

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16/06/2016, 21:30

Greyhounds 59 is the new project of reknown blues guitarist Dan "greyhound" Eiffener.
The quartet plays a mix of heavy blues-rock and hot swing shuffle that will not leave you static.

greyhound59 logo

Come shake and dance and party with us tonight!

Greyhound59 band

Carlo on bass  
Dan on guitar 
Flo on harp & vocals  
Marcus on drums

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14/06/2016, 21:30

We have the pleasure to welcome some good friends and incredible musicians tonight.
This quartet is a unique line-up and tonight the only chance to enjoy whatever these four have prepared for us...

greg lamy

Greg Lamy on guitar

johannes muller 02

Johannes Müller on sax

schlapbe 2010

Sebastian Schlapbe on bass

niels engel drums smile

and Niels Engel on drums

Come enjoy or jam with the boys after the second set...

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09/06/2016, 21:30


vecchi 01

Driving and dynamic, Vecchi & Brutti simply sounds great! Trashed by off-the-wall riffs, powerful rhythmic, harmonica and horn section swinging with a rough voice shaped for the drill, Vecchi e Brutti steer between dusk and dawn or are simply settled on the barrier between rock and blues. A great show, one of our favourite bands! Dont miss it!

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07/06/2016, 21:30


Ro Gebhardt is a reknown german jazz guitar player we have had the chance to welcome in LiquID on numerous times over the years.
Tonight's project is a new vocal jazz project he is carrying with female vocalist Joanna Kiolbassa.
Come enjoy and discover this quality project with us :)

Joanna & Ro

Joanna Kiolbassa on vocals
Gernot Kögel on bass
Jean-Marc Robin on drums
Christian Pabst on keyboards
Ro Gebhardt on guitar

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31/05/2016, 21:30

LiquID Jazz Houseband
feat. Riaz Khabirpour

- jam session

jazz houseband

It's time again for our monthly rendez-vous with our jazz houseband and their guest. This month Jeff Herr, Laurent Payfert and Maxime Bender have invited Riaz Khabirpour. After the set a jam session will take place.


Riaz Khabirpour, born in Heidelberg, studied jazz guitar at the Amsterdam Conservatory, where he had lessons with the guitarists Maarten van de Grinten and Jesse van Ruller.

In January 2006 he moved to New York and spent an exchange semester at the SUNY Purchase College, where he studied with John Abercrombie. In June 2006 he completes his studies in Amsterdam with a Master. In 2013 he completes a second master's degree at the Cologne University of Music in Composition / Arranging.

Since September 2006 Riaz lives in Cologne and is an active member of the local scene. He gives regular concerts at home and abroad, acting on numerous CD productions, writing for different projects from trio to big band and does the booking for the weekly concert series "Real Live Jazz".

riaz khabirpour the seeker

In 2010 his Debut CD "The Seeker" is released. In 2013 he founded the Large Ensemble "The Elftett", a collective of musicians and arrangers. As a guitarist he acts in "Koi Trio", with "Ooh Bop Sh'Bam!", in the "Maxime Bender Group", the "Jens Böckamp quintet" in "The Jagowsche Fünfeck" and in the "Felix Fromm Quartet".

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