28 janvier 2008

Little blues band (L), January 31st 21h30

a regular of our local blues bands to come and watch and enjoy...
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28 janvier 2008

Vincent Thékal Quartet (F), January 29th 21h30

with Vincent Thékal on the saxophone, Tim Willis on the guitar, Matthieu Loigerot on the double bass and Alexandre Ambroziak on the drums.
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28 janvier 2008

RADIO DAZE, wednesday 30th January 21h00

back on, the first time in Liquid this year, come and check out this indie-pop-rock cover band from luxembourg. featuring Mel G. (UK) on lead vocals and guitar, Peter (HU) on the lead guitar, Marc (LU) on keyboards, Zsolt (HU) on the bass and Jacques (LU) on the drums. cya then!
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07 janvier 2008


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