30 mars 2008

MARIETTE HELOU QUARTET (F), APRIL 1st 21:30     featuring  Mariette Hélou on voice and flute     Laurent Payfert on double bass    Christian Didelot on piano    and Arnaud Campredon on drums    
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27 mars 2008

DAVE WHITE AND HIS BAD LUCK CATS,                                                                         MARCH 27th 21:30     “Dave White and The Bad Luck Cats” are a must     see blues experience which will soon be coming     to you on CD as the band prepares to... [Lire la suite]
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26 mars 2008

JUKE BLUES BAND (F), MARCH 27th 21:30    (chicago blues - west coast blues - swing blues)     featuring françois pilutti on guitar and vocals    michel martin on piano and organ    jacky dentler on bass    and bernard eyser on the drums     click here to reach their website
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24 mars 2008

HARD FANTASIE (F), MARCH 25ft 21:30     with Jérôme Arrighi on bass     Matthieu Durmarque on saxophone     Arnaud Burtin on guitar     and Guillaume Bachman on drums
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14 mars 2008

CROSSROADS, MARCH 20th 21:30    "let the guitars do the talking!"    Crossroads is a root blues band based    around guitar and bass.    featuring: Raymond Linden on guitar    Claude Bintz on guitar    and Jacques Rupert on bass
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14 mars 2008

AFRODISAX RHYTHM SECTION invites                  Francis Defloraine, MARCH 18th 21:30     featuring Marc Mangen on rhodes    Guy Schneider on double bass    Michel Mootz on drums    Francis Defloraine on tenor saxophone
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13 mars 2008

LIGHTNIN BUG, MARCH 13th 21:30     simply one of our favourites.     lightnin bug is raw power blues.    featuring greg on guitar    bidon on the bass    and axel on the drums     free entrance and great venue garanteed!
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12 mars 2008

RADIO DAZE, WEDNESDAY MARCH 12th 21:00    Peter (guitar): "I'd describe Radio Daze as a good ol'    fashioned rock 'n' roll band playing covers and original    material arranged for two guitars (Mel, Peter),     keys (Mark), bass (Zsolt) and drums (Jake). Since we    draw our influences from a wide range of sources,    from Elvis to Elvis Costello, we're bound to have something    for everyone. That is unless you're into Bon Jovi (sorry   ... [Lire la suite]
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08 mars 2008

Luxembourg Conservatory Big Band (L),                                                                             FEBRUARY 11th 21:30 directed by GAST WALTZING
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08 mars 2008

FIND US ON A MAP!     to locate us, just click on the link above or click here!     thank you viamichelin :)
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