29 avril 2008

THE HERITAGE BLUES COMPANY, MAY 1st 21:30     the heritage blues company was founded in 2006 by     members of the blues school in differdange and after    seeking for, has now found it's proper line up and is     trying to perform original and different sounds and     tunes, than usual.
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22 avril 2008

LIQUID PIMPS, APRIL 29th 21:30 Paulo Simoes on guitarRomain Heck on bassClaude Schaus on pianoJeff Herr on drums (or here) obviously as everyone can guess, those friends of ourscame out with this project, some late night in LiquID,quite some time ago already. probably one of the bestcombo around lately; talent and versatility being theirmain qualities. come and check out, personal tip!
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19 avril 2008

POUNDCAKE, APRIL 24th 21:30     Poundcake is:    Petz on vocals    Tosch on guitars    Dan Cremmer on bass     and Karel Lambert on drums     Blues-Rock-Covers from Stevie Ray Vaughan,    Hendrix,Philip Sayce,Kenny Wayne Shepherd,    Robben Ford,Chris Duarte,Joe Bonamassa, etc.
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19 avril 2008

LXBG CONSERVATORY JAZZ ENSEMBLES,                                                                     APRIL 22nd 21:30    directed by Romain Heck and David Laborier     on top of being some of the best representatives of    luxembourg's professional musical scene and... [Lire la suite]
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18 avril 2008

JAH ON THE MIX,  generally Fridays 23:00 Our resident guru and beloved master and his finest tunes from 23:00 onwards... pop, rock, soul, funk, goodies and oldies :) just the right stuff! :)
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16 avril 2008

LITTLE JOHN AND THE CADILLACS,                                                                     APRIL 17th 21:30     a freaked out show based on energy and chaos that    takes you to the depths of rockabilly.    chuck berry, brian setzer, johnny cash, are a  just a few ... [Lire la suite]
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10 avril 2008

JEAN-MARC ROBIN (F), APRIL 15th 21:30     Jean-Marc Robin is one of the most talented drummers    i know. he is of them musicians you dont put into     categories. his influences are incredibly diverse;     jazz-world-funk-classical and rock are so many directions    the man likes to explore.    check his bio on the link above or his myspace here.    The band line up wasnt defined when these few lines    were written so i invite you to come and see... [Lire la suite]
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10 avril 2008

WINNIE THE WHOO?, MARCH 12th 22:00     the roller-coaster of the djz. classic tunes and modern rock stuff.    only the best in the most shocking way... :)     come and enjoy the ride!
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07 avril 2008

LITTLE BLUES BAND, APRIL 10th 21:30     little blues band is:    John Hensel on hammond, guitar and vocals    Ron Tuffel on harmonica and vocals    Pierre Gelhausen on lead guitar    Ria Favoreel on bass    and Virgil Magri on drums
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07 avril 2008

Christian Mariotto (F), APRIL 8th 21:30     featuring Damien Prud’homme on saxophone     Eric Hurpeau on guitar     Jean-Lux Déat on double bass     and Christian Mariotto on drums     Originaire de Marseille où il s’est formé auprès de Phil LEVAN    et au sein de divers groupes, Christian Mariotto s’est établi     depuis quelques années à Nancy. Il enseigne la batterie     à la Music Academy International (Nancy), à EDIM (Paris),     au... [Lire la suite]
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