28 septembre 2008

30/09/2008, 21:30

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN (D) featuring Christoph Mudrich on pianoBarbara Mudrich on vocalsJennifer Joschko on saxophone Norbert Schirmer on double bassand Christian Balzer on drums
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25 septembre 2008


the LITTLE BLUES BANDthese beautiful poeple just love what they do,and they like to share it with you.A bit like a gazoline engine, they warm up slowlytill you actually start grooving with them... come and see, it's just some of our house friendsand they're worth it! starts 21:30 as usual
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20 septembre 2008


LIQUID PIMPS this week we are proud to announce the gig of some closefriends and nothing but the cream of the cream: see for yourself, jeff herr will be drumming us all around, while paulo simoes will be playing the guitar, romain heck the bassand claude schaus will rule the rhodes. these highly talented poeple will jazz us up with their modern andfusional jazz integrating funk and heavier grooves into it.
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16 septembre 2008

PLUSPOINT, SEPTEMBER 18th 21:30pluspoint +. is a blues band created in 2001.it is definitely a blues band but they also integrate rock, funk, swing and jazzy tunes in their program... lola is delivering raw power and energy on the vocals while the boys keep the ship grooving and dynamic. heng is on the guitars, bernard on the bass and jake drums it all up! come and see, sing along and enjoy your night!
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10 septembre 2008

PASCAL AUBRION QUARTET,                                               SEPTEMBRE 16th 21:30 you must certainly, already know at least a couple of themmusicians as they have all already played in LiquID in the pastin different formations.these friends gather up once more for our pleasure andwill be opening this new jazz season. featuring Pascal Aubrion on saxophone ... [Lire la suite]
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10 septembre 2008

2008-2009 musical season start

well, well, well,we are finally there! september is back with it's load of promises and new challenges...and so is our live music season taking another start too, only for the best and for our greatest pleasure! On tuesday 16th, we will have the pleasure to welcome PASCAL AUBRION's quartet (F) for the jazz opening gig and on thursday 18th, PLUSPOINT +. (L) will open up the blues gigs. entrance will irremediably remain free and gigs start remain at 21:30 in hope to see you there, the whole team would like to thank you again... [Lire la suite]
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