29 octobre 2008

30/10/2008, 21:30

DAVE WHITE & HIS BAD LUCK CATSraw power blues, funky, groovy - ina way sexy - dave white always drags us into to those smoky and delirious blues nights.the man uses and misuses a whole bunch ofperformers, so we'll have to wait till then toknow the actual line up. check his myspace for further details, come and have fun with us!
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24 octobre 2008

28/10/2008, 21:30

HARD FANTAISIE (F) hard fantaisie is a french quartet fromnancy. these four young guys have justas well modern as classical jazz influences.featuring mathieu dumarque on saxophonearnaud burtin on guitarjerome arrighi on bassand guillaume bachman on drums
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21 octobre 2008

23/10/2008, 21:30

TEN STRIKE they are definitely more of a gangthan a rockabilly band actually! ten strike has been around and seen for 20 years or so, now...the actual line up nowadaysconsist in foundator dr jay on vocals and guitarin Hendrik Szech alias evil h on doublebassand the legendary yves deVil on sticks and drums 100% pure and wild rawkabilly gringos! come and see!
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17 octobre 2008

21/10/2008, 21:30

REGIS DAUMAS TRIO   featuring fred sold on pianoregis daumas on double bassand michel altmeyer on drums
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14 octobre 2008

16/10/2008, 21:30

CHARLES DESPRES & the MIDNIGHT CREEPERScharles després on guitarphilippe schwab on bassand steve perrotte on drums these friends have been playing togetherfor almost a decade now; influenced by every famous, buddy guy, stevie ray,the shadows..., blues guitarists possible, charles develpped his own style over years. grindy sound and very clear way of playing. come and see....
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13 octobre 2008

14/10/2008, 21:30

CROSSLINK (L-D) originally a classical jazz combo that hasevolved over time to a funk jazz quartet.featuring sven prokaska on guitarlaurent peckels on the bassand max sauber on drums. check out their website here
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08 octobre 2008

09/10/2008, 21:30:

TOMMY BOY & the 112 BLUES GANG another one of our regulars;raw blues and fun garanteed as dave white is also part of this gang!.. it seems tommy's myspace is down, ill update this article with the link if i get to it...in the mean time, come and listen.
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05 octobre 2008

07/10/2008, 21:30

STEPHANE ESCOMS TRIO talented french pianist stéphane escomswith jeremy lirola on doublebassand our well known jean-marc robin onthe drums... check his myspace or listen to them here
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02 octobre 2008

02/10/2008, 21:30

NZZ BLUES BANDNicolas ZdankiewicZ is a young (27) very gifted french guitarist. playing intensively since the age of 12, he has been influenced by all the major blues guitarists to develop his own personal style. absolutely check his site or his myspace
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