28 décembre 2008

30/12/2008, 21:30

VINCENT THEKAL TRIO (F) featuring vincent thékal on saxophonejean-gérard loescher on double bassand alexandre ambroziak on drums
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20 décembre 2008


METROThe band was founded in early 2004 and performed shows in and around Luxembourg, supporting Chris Leo, Engine Down and Girls in Hawaïamongst others. Their catchy and dynamic rocksoundgained positive reviews in local fanzines and newspapers.The debut LP was published in June 2006.check their myspace here featuring olivier treinen on vocals and guitardavid andré on guitaryves stephany on bassand mike tock on drumswe love their sound and are big fans, comeand enjoy this yearly event with us!
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19 décembre 2008

23/12/2008, 21:30

CHRISTOPHE CORBIER (F) featuring stéphane berti on guitarchristophe corbier on piano and vocalsbertrand béruard on bassand guillaume bachman on drums nowadays christophe is known as one themain jazz voices in north france. this combois a very eclectic line up and i advise you takea look at them links on top here.a very interesting night for sure....
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17 décembre 2008

18/12/2008, 21:30

TOMMY BOY & HIS 112 BLUES GANG another band of our favourites...dave white on vocals and harptommy on drumsand more surprises to come...
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15 décembre 2008

16/12/2008, 21:30

DAMIEN PRUD'HOMME (F) featuring matthieu loigerot on double bassalexandre ambroziak on drumsand damien prud'homme on saxophone
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08 décembre 2008

11/12/2008, 21:30

certainly my highlight of the season...a great band really funky and grooving. probably no one has any excuse good enough not to be there with us! petz turmes on vocalsthomas "tosch" schütz on guitardan cremmer on basskarel lambert on drums www.poundcake.lu
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08 décembre 2008

09/12/2008, 21:30

CHRISTIAN MARIOTTO (F) featuring christian mariotto on drumseric hurpeau on guitarjean-luc déat on double bassand damien prud'homme on saxophone christian is surely one of the best and the most fascinating drummers around... it's inspired and clever, come and enjoy...
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03 décembre 2008

04/12/2008, 21:30

LIGHTNIN' BUGwe love them, we love them!energic, raw power trio fromfrance/belgium. these three ladshave become real good friends overthe time and you are garanteed a nice enjoyable evening. come and see...
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