30 janvier 2009

03/02/2009, 21:30

LIQUID ACCOUSTIC HOUSEBAND here is something new!from now on, twice a month, we will be presenting ourhouseband, in accoustic set on each fisrt tuesday of the month,in electric set on each third tuesday...Considering the line up, it's our little surprise for you, but trust us,it's definitely awesome! you'll have to come and check it out byyourself. also, from now on tuesday night gigs will officially start at 10:00. see you there!
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28 janvier 2009

29/01/2009, 21:30

THE HERITAGE BLUES COMPANY a band existing only for a couple of yearsnow, but so not worth less either! these people love what they do, they do it well and they like to share it with you... its a very refreshing set, an eclectic program as well. their myspace here totally worth coming to see.
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25 janvier 2009

27/01/2009, 21:30

GEBHARDT - HERR TRIO Ro Gebhardt on guitarRomain Heck on bassand Jeff Herr on drums have a look herea genious in a word. it speaks for its own.a fantastic line up!come and enjoy :)
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21 janvier 2009

22/01/2009 21:30

PLUSPOINT +.there's definitely no need to present these folks anymore. they've been regularly in LiquID for years now and we love them.their professional performance and theirtotally relaxed attitude make them very enjoyableto listen to. Looking forward to it! check their website here and their myspace here 
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15 janvier 2009


GREG LAMY (F-L) an intersesting combo driven bya couple of amazing guitarists,a high class bassist and probablyone of the best drummers around lately!nothing the less. featuring greg lamy and poalo simoes on guitars,gautier laurent on double bassand jean-marc robin on drums.
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15 janvier 2009


NZZ BLUES BAND we've had the joy to welcome this french powertrio from around nancy a few times already... it's always been interesting and fun night, sowhether you have seen them before or not iadvice you come and enjoy nico's guitaristic skillswith us... check out his myspace herehis website here
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03 janvier 2009


the whole staff would like to wish youa very happy new year.in hoping to see you all happy and healthy soon, happy 2009!
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