29 mars 2011

31/03/2011, 21:30

LIGHTNIN' BUG well, for this week's thursday blues session, wear really proud and happy to welcome the bugs backin LiquID!it's been awhile and it's always a pleasure!Lightnin' Bug already has many years of experience under the belt.Greg-les-cordes is the singer and lead-guitarist of the band.He founded the band in 96.In 98, Bidon-la-basse joined the band and in 2006, Axel Mullercompleted it. Lightnin' Bud then found its way and hit it big time.Axel Muller has been drummer for a long time in one of the bestbands on the Belgian... [Lire la suite]
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28 mars 2011

29/03/2011, 21:30

DIZZY VENTILATORS feat TOINE THYS  a very original venue this week ;) NYC club movement Dizzy Ventilators was born inFall 2008 as the brainchild of Yusuke Yamamoto andDaniel Jodocy. Yamamoto, on keys and dub, is known as one of NYC'sfinest multinstrumentalists, performing with other downtownfixtures like Chin Chin. Jodocy, on drums, is the inventor ofthe "musical suitcases", built from materials found on the streetsof New York, that make the Dizzy Ventilators sound so inimitable.The suitcases have also been featured by John... [Lire la suite]
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23 mars 2011

24/03/2011, 21:30

TOM HECK TRIOwell, the FREEJET's adventure seems to have cometo an end...Tom Heck, one of Luxembourg's most promising youngtalents is back with a new, self named project,the TOM HECK TRIO.the young fellas play a clever blend of blues and fusion,own compositions as well as renowned classics! faithful to his bassman, he is back witha new drummer and not the least!tom heck on guitar and vocalstiziano felicini on bassand michel meis on drums a night definitely not to miss!come and support the young and gifted localmusical scene!
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19 mars 2011

22/03/2011, 21:30

LiquID JAZZ HOUSEBAND   it's time again for our monthly rendez-vous with the homeboys ;)   a very enjoyable appointment with some of the finest musicians around as usual!   driven by david laborier on the guitar shaken by romain heck on the bass hit by jeff herr on the drums
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16 mars 2011

17/03/2011, 21:30

TOMI BOY & THE 112 BLUESGANG   well the 112 crew is back after a long while to animate this year's St Patrick's evening! ;) always warrant of a great evening, the boys will make sure the guinness pours down smoothly for us ;) a nice blend of blues and blues rock, generous musicians, guinness on the tap and  more, i think we are ready to celebrate! check tomi's MySpace here be there and dont miss out ;)
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16 mars 2011

April - July 2011:

NEW SPRING SEASON 2011 PROGRAM   hello ladies and gentlemen! find here below the program for our spring season ;) a whole lot of new things come with it ;) click on the pictures if you wish to enlarge...   Also, please note the bar will celebrate its 10th Anniversary in May and we have prepared a weekful of events for you! ;) we'll get back to this later... Thanks for your support over all these years!     NJOY! ;)
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11 mars 2011

15/03/2011, 21:30

this week we are exceptionnally roaming alittle further than jazz actually...we're talking funk roots and groove ;)this band is the new band in town not to be missed! "Mister Goldhand was born through the meeting of4 musicians of Luxembourg and the Lorraine region.Fred Hormain (singing sax / FunkyP) formed the quartetwith the collaboration of known names of the funk sceneas Phil Mathis (guitar / Disfonktion), Joel Heyard (drums / The Gentles)and Regis Weiland (bass / Sergeant Pepper).With their vast experience, the four musicians... [Lire la suite]
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09 mars 2011

10/03/2011, 21:30

GAASSEROCK BLUESBAND originally there were three friends gathering and playing the blues, just like that, just for fun... over time this friendship turned into a real groovy and exciting band, and eventually during a gig in LiquID they met and welcomed a second guitarist, Régis. Gaasserock Bb plays bluesrock in english as well asin luxembourguish with engaged lyrics, as much as the boys can be themselves!Fränk Henkes on guitar and vocals Régis Rolando on guitarMäx Courtois on bassPascal Graffé on drumsand Special Guest: Charel... [Lire la suite]
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07 mars 2011

08/03/2011, 21:30

LiquID PIMPS the boys are back in the nest ;)it's been awhile we didn't have the pleasureto welcome our friends and so are we gladto announce they'll be playing home this week ;) Paulo Simoes on guitarRomain Heck on bassClaude Schaus on pianoJeff Herr on drums (or here)
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01 mars 2011

03/03/2011, 21:30

VECCHI & BRUTTI No doubt: these Old Guns still got some bullets left... The energy powered rhythm & blues from that old band Vecchi e Brutti (meaning Old & Ugly), is mainly inspired from Rhythm' N' Blues roots: rough voice, plumbed guitar riffs, for a sensual, electric and wild Rhythm' N' Blues, made of iron and roses. But Rhythm is not enough: you gotta have the Blues, and it must explode in many ways, delirious guitar and harp chorus, Flavio the voice, Pierrot the rhythm, Grand Kac the bass player and Denis the harp... [Lire la suite]
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