31 août 2013

31/08/2013, 22:00

TOMI BOY     & THE REAL 112 BLUESBAND We are very happy to be welcoming the original line-up for the 112 BLUES BAND. Mathieu wanderscheid, the original guitarist of the band is around for a couple of days, as he moved down to Bordeaux a year and a half ago and this gig will be a special revival night for the original line-up. Much looking forward for this one! ;))
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29 août 2013

29/08/2013, 21:00

BABIK - KLEIN Electro - Jazz New project between german keyboard player ROMAN BABIK and luxembourgish drummer JEROME KLEIN. They will present some electronic beats full of improvisation and fat bass lines!! Every present musician is welcome to join the stage!:) Roman Babik - Keyboard, Synth Jerome Klein - Drums
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22 août 2013

22/08/2013, 21:30

CASAMANCEAfro-Reggae Le groupe afro-reggae Casamance Music, issu d’une rencontre entre des musiciens de Bar-le-Duc, Saint-Dizier et de Ziguinchor (Casamance - Sénégal), mélange les rythmes et les sonorités traditionnelles africaines et jamaïcaines avec les guitares saturées et les riffs du rock’n’roll, donnant une musique reggae très festive et métissée. El Manou Biagui, son leader charismatique, chante en Diola (langue du sud du Sénégal) et en français. Il interprètera les morceaux de son dernier album ainsi que son répertoire... [Lire la suite]
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12 août 2013

15/08/2013, 21:30

RUFUS READY  to go on with our special summer gigs program, we are happy to welcome this pretty cool project from bruxelles. after a first show in LiquID by the end of last summer, we are happy the boys can come and present their first record that came out early July this year...   "Rufus Ready was born ready. Or so he likes to say.Jamie Jetpack joined in 2011 and became the first imaginary friend.The songs are rhythmic, somewhat folksy and very much obsessed with the correct amount of grit. They’ve played... [Lire la suite]
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08 août 2013

08/08/2013, 21:30

TRIANGULO  Originally a trio, but the boys will come as a duet tomorrow.Probably one of the grooviest and one of the most fun mambo projects i got the chance to hear and discover!!Guillaume cherpitel on bass, piano and vocals and Julio Lopez on percussions and vocals.Come have fun with us, a perfect summer gig for us all ;)))
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