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Pugsley Buzzard is a piano player and singer with a distinctive sound. Pugsley’s shows are exciting and captivating at the centre is his huge mesmerizing voice and dazzling piano playing all delivered with a vaudevillian nuance and humour.

Pugsley’s music spans the entire spectrum from dark hoodoo blues musings to good time rollicking boogie  fuelled piano romps that never fail to get people stompin’ and shakin’ that thang. Pugsley is a fascinating and versatile songwriter  who  also enjoys interpreting classic R& B, Jazz and Popular tunes giving them his own fresh and  unique treatment .  Pugsley ‘s playing features Barrelhouse, Boogie, Stride piano stylings dripping with New Orleans funk  and oozing with tantalizing improvisation which ranges from delicate and moody to wild and ecstatic.

"Without a doubt the most unique voice in Australia right now!  Prepare to weep tears of joy."

Pugsley Buzzard Wateringcan: piano/vocals
René Stock: double bass
Tom Lehnert: drums
+ guest