Mark is a singer/songwriter from Rotterdam. His songs are well known for their story telling lyrics and his performances for their expression and authenticity. Mark’s style is often compared with Nick Cave, Johnny Cash and Tom Waits. 
His debut record Pain & Entertainment came out in 2007 and contains a weird variety of styles: from slow guitar ballads to a 12 mins long Drum n Bass duet with master of freak roots Johnny Dowd.


Mark gained critical acclaim with his 2nd record: Better things to Do (2009). The album was released on the Rotterdam based cult label Tocado Records (Harry Merry, Rats on Rafts, Ella Bandita) and got great reviews in the Netherlands and Germany. He toured Germany with Canadian songwriter Wax Mannequin, opened several times for dutch band De Dijk and played numerous shows in the Netherlands. In 2011 Mark and his band were invited by producer Frans Hagenaars to record an album in the famous Sound Enterprise studio in Muiden. In 5 days they recorded Funny, Mark’s 3rd album, released in 2012. Funny was very well received and one of its most remarkable songs I Miss You reached the top ten of the iTunes top 100. The Funny tour contained over 130 shows in 14 months with shows in Canada, Germany, the UK and even Luxembourg.

mark lotterman funny

In the end of 2013 Mark signed to two different record labels; Harlem recordings (NL/BE/LUX) and Artfull Sounds (DE). In february 2014 Mark released his 4th record: Year without Summer. Recorded in Mark’s house by Frank Jonas and based around Mark’s voice and acoustic guitar, Year Without Summer sounds very raw and direct. In 2014 Mark will bring the new songs, such as Indie, Year Without Summer, Leaving for School and The Hell That We Create to stages across Europe.

mark lotterman - year without summer