Son of a professional viola player and choir conductor, Marc was born into music… He started the piano at 3 until the age of 15 and stopped. A year later he started playing again on his own and started composing. In 1989, together with his percussionist friend Al Ginter he made his first studio recording, a vinyl single was made of it. Janis' Song and Don't give her up… back then, both tracks landed in the national charts and did pretty well. 


Almost 25 years later, Marc set up a band - his Joint Bunch - with an incredible line-up of talented young musicians from very different musical backgrounds. Marc's repertoire is very pop, pop-rock orientated but the eclectism of the musicians surrounding him make the whole project really interesting, giving marc's expresiveness all the space and support it diserves. a must see act.

MW joint bunch

The Joint Bunch is:
Luca Sales 
Sven Sauber 
Ben Weis
Borbála Janitsek
Pit Huberty
Marc Welter