04 janvier 2013

05/01/2013, 22:00

DILLENDUB ALBUM RELEASE PARTY smells yellow, tastes like tortilla chips with a salsa dub and sounds like ''Drock'' DillenDub is a three piece formation that saw the light of the earth during rehearsals of an other project in may 2011. Hans, Peter and Friedrich (which by the way are not their real names) experiment with pretty much anything they like: from rock to jazz, over cheeseburgers and softporn, up to hip-hop and electro, all while keeping the focus on DUB and improvisation.  
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28 décembre 2012

29/12/2012, 22:00

THE JACOB CONSPIRACY These musicians have acquiered extended experience in Luxembourg and the large-regional music scene. Moreover, they played all, or continue to play, in other groups (Blue Shade, Lincoln Hawk, Couchgrass, Passenger, The One' ders, Dead Boy Dreaming, Dropjaw etc). This four-bit band was formed in November 2008 while rehersing partially at the Rockhal and in Tuntange. The group occurred first at the open-air festival “Food for your senses” in Tuntange in June 2009. They've been hitting stages ever since, having... [Lire la suite]
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19 décembre 2012

22/12/2012, 22:00

TIDACOUSTYK  TIDACOUSTYK is the encounter between different musical worlds, the warmth of REGGAE, the spirit of SOUL, the influences of blues and Latin music as well. All this punctuated by oriental, african or latin percussions. TIDACOUSTYK is an invitation to travel, sharing, celebrating, with conscious lyrics, entertained and inspired by everyday life.It all started in 2008 by the meeting of two artists, a guitarist aka Mister Nico Bouldegom and a singer Jeremy Tida.TIDACOUSTYK quickly met success by... [Lire la suite]
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17 décembre 2012

19/12/2012, 21:30

GREG LAMY QUARTET Previous to entering the studio for their new album recording in the following days,LiquID is happy to open it's stage to Mister GREG LAMY and his quartet for a very special concert this wednesday! It's been awhile Greg didn't do us the honours and are specially happy about it!Their previous record is one of our favorite and are proud to discover them new compositions in preview ;)Greg's compositions are typically very mature. No show off. No technicity abuse.Just the right notes and only the right notes... [Lire la suite]
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14 décembre 2012

15/12/2012, 22:00

MISTER BOULDEGOM  Nico aka Mister Bouldegom is a soulatin singer and guitarist.His music is based on own compositions and completely and cleverly rearranged covers.  His music is a mix of blues, soul, rock and bossa nova.Together with his percussionist they provide a unique and completely original show that we are very pleased and happy to propose on this week's EclectLiq Session. His MySpace here  Definitely another one of them gigs not to miss!!!
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24 novembre 2012

24/11/2012, 22:00

THE FLASH The Flash is a musical provocation meant to create positive reactions.They are mostly influenced by 60ies and 70ies pop-rock (Fleetwood Mac, Jefferson Airplane, Syd garret, Hendrix…) and use these influences to create their own modern sound. The band exists in its actual form since 2009 and is about to launch their first full length album produced by Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Love Me Nots).Come and enjoy this new comer to LiquID, a young and much promising band!See you all tonight!
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08 novembre 2012

10/11/2012, 22:00

XO BLUESBAND  Despite their band's name, the XO's are not strictly a bluesband.Seriously influenced by the blues they are just as much a funk-rock band as well. Influenced by artists like Walter Trout, David Lee Roth, Gary Moore, Lucky Peterson, Tower of Power, Jimi Hendrix, they perform an amazing show based on raw energy and good vibes.A real party show we are happy to welcome back this week-end for another ECLECTLiq SESSION ;) Those of you who already know them, will know where they gotta benext... [Lire la suite]
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02 novembre 2012

03/11/2012, 22:00

CHRIS THEPS  well this week we are very happy to welcome a second ECLECTLiq SESSION this week-end,far from the universe of Galaxy7, Saturday night we'll welcome this original artist CHRIS THEPS In 1994, Chris signed his first contract under the name Geronimo with Orlando Productions, distributed by Polygram led at the time by a certain Pascal Negre ... His first album title was "Generation des grandes contradictions"That says a lot about the personality and unconventional paths of this artistwhose atypical... [Lire la suite]
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31 octobre 2012

02/11/2012, 22:00

GALAXY7 This week-end we have the pleasure to present you two first timer projects within our ECLECTLiq SESSIONS ;)Friday we'll be welcoming a japanese electro-rock project: Daisuke Tsutsui has worked with major record label as songwriter, composer, vocalist etc and after disbandment of the group and the band, he started his solo project “Galaxy 7″ in 2008.Tsutsui does songwriting, composing,arrangement, producing, programming, singing, playing instruments, and performance all by himself and his music is written... [Lire la suite]
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25 octobre 2012

27/10/2012, 22:00

BOSSY BITCHBOSSY BITCH is a Rock project created early 2012,conducted by Daniela Kruger on the bass.Daniela Kruger is a bulgarian bassist based in Luxembourg for a little while now. In the mean time, studying at the Jazz Department of the CML, she keeps playing the music she loves and digs: Rock. She surrounds herself with a nice bunch of local stars and they perform the songs of reknowned blues-rock and rock artists such as Joe Bonamassa, Richie Kotzen, Stevie Ray, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin,... [Lire la suite]
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