11 octobre 2012

13/10/2012, 22:00

FIXFIRE + d'J-qiL  This week is the week of new projects! ;)Fixfire is Péter Várkonyi on guitar and vocals, Olivier John on bass and Jacques Bock on drums. Wanting to play a more free brand of rock, leaving room for improvisation, Jacques and Péter began rehearsing new material in the spring of 2012 as a side project while performing with their band, Radio Daze. They were joined by Oli in the summer, and the three built a repetoire of covers and original material, where Johnny Cash meets George Clinton... [Lire la suite]
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28 septembre 2012

29/09/2012, 22:00

THE VINTAGE GIGOLOS  It was back in 2006 when Dan and Chris founded the rock band “The Vintage Gigolos”. After they had convinced Lou, Misch and Paul to join their project, the 5 guys played their first show in May 2007. The demand for an album was increasing after some very successful performances in their home country and so, the Gigolos started the preparation for their first record at the end of 2009.  Finally, their debut album “The Day After” was released December 23 at the legendary club... [Lire la suite]
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27 septembre 2012

28/09/2012, 22:00

DJEVARA  Descendents in a long tradition of punk rock originating in Britain, passionate and fiercely political, music and mission combine, projected by a dedicated DIY ethic inspired by bands such as Fugazi, Henry Rollins/Black Flag and Tool. Djevara are an alternative rock band, with an essentially punk heart but with a beat borrowing heavily from the many subgenres of metal, hardcore, rock and beyond. The cohesive factor is huge passion and naïve belief in the power of music, with a hint of multi-ethnic heritage and... [Lire la suite]
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13 septembre 2012

15/09/2012, 22:00

LAWYERS, GUNS N' MONEY Combining happy music with rather profound lyrics, Lawyers Guns 'n' Money managed to find a compromise between a self-deprecating but a still serious style of music. In a world where all the sensations are dazzled by false ideals and dull virtues, Lawyers Guns 'n' Money take the place of the new age herald, coming to spread the message writtenon its spell of rock: no ears too deaf, no legs too lazy and no souls too lost to dance to the sounds coming out of the fiddle of the redeemer. In the summer of... [Lire la suite]
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05 septembre 2012

08/09/2012, 22:00

Cruz controL (progressive jazz-rock) LiquID is proud and happy to welcome those friends of ours again...Cruz controL is formed by 4 completely different musicians, each of them with a totally different musical background. The Fender Rhodes, the choice of stomp boxes and their very personal and eclectic compositions form Cruz controL's unique and so distinctive sound. Influenced by jazz as much as funk, free, pop-rock and electro, their music takes you to unexpected territories. A trip within explosive highs, minimal solos and... [Lire la suite]
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31 août 2012

31/08/2012, 22:00

RUFUS READY celebrates JEFF's BDAY ;)) Rufus Ready was born ready.  Or so he likes to say. Jamie Jetpack joined in 2011 and became the first imaginary friend. The songs are rhythmic, somewhat folksy and very much obsessed with the correct amount of grit. We’ve played with some great imaginary folks recently, Frank Drews aka Frank FrankSacha Hack aka Harry HammondJussi the Jussifier Jaatinen aka Boy King and have a long roster of illustrous imaginary alumni Deborah Lehnen aka Mumbai MadnessDavid Mirizzi aka Dashing... [Lire la suite]
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23 août 2012

25/08/2012, 22:00

This Saturday, a summer special event.. an indie-folk-pop duo project from USA... come check it out!!
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12 juillet 2012

14/07/2012, 22:00

Dynamite Funk Project is a german band based in the area Trier.They have a very dynamic show based on own compositions and coversof artists such as John Mayer Trio, James Brown, RHCP, Tower of Power, Spin Doctors, Jamiroquai etc...A very powerful show as mentioned above, lots of fun and great grooves.Despite what was announced, this will be our last ECLECTLIQ session beforethe summer break...Check their website here... or join them on Facebook... We hope to see you all there!!!
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19 mai 2012


11th BDAY CELEBRATIONS CLIMAX:   CASAMANCE   So, tonight will be the last evening of our celebrations week...Come and join us from 19:00 - 22:00 for some free beer and a nicehome-made buffet ;) Then from 22:00 onwards we'll welcome CASAMANCE an afro-reggaeband from all over Europe. They'll fill our heads up with sun and god knows we need it with the recent kind of wheather... Roots, Reggae and World sounds at its best. LiquID quality garanteed ;)  So basicly, if you don't like to run under the... [Lire la suite]
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12 mai 2012

12/05/2012, 22:00

DJ SMILE LEE's FUNKTASTIC  VINTAGE VINYL PARTY    Smile Lee is going to shake and funk us out tonight, but in a fresh different and original way. his tunes are mostly from the '50s through the '70s, but only original tunes, no oldies sender kind of thing ;/ Funk, soul, latino, rock too, definitely some reggae and some roots and at time even some disco ;) only good vibe for sure and definitely smily ;)SMILE LEE! 8D 
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