30 mai 2012


LiquID would like to apologise to everyone who came for the concert last night, we were not aware that the band wouldn't show up and are very sorry for everyone who came unpurpose for nothing. We are seriously sorry, this is the first time it happens in 11 years now! You can be reassured that remo will be there this thursday ;) 
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03 janvier 2011

HAPPY 2011 TO EVERYONE!2010 has been a very well filled year in terms of happeningsand we would like to wish you all here a good health and successful projects in 2011.we also would like to thank you all for helping us making this a nice lively bar, a real exchange and sharing place, definitely one of the nicest places we know on this little planet!this new-year brings a new musical season as well!a whole bunch of new artists, but also all the ones we dolike and have had the chance to welcome already! so we hope we'll... [Lire la suite]
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21 juillet 2009

21/07/2009, 21:30

Tonight, there won't be a jazz gig anymore and so for the rest of the summer... we are on summer break untilmid-septembre.whatever, we have organised you a couple of surprises these two following thursdays so please be present it's worth it!more details in a further post!
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03 janvier 2009


the whole staff would like to wish youa very happy new year.in hoping to see you all happy and healthy soon, happy 2009!
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22 mai 2008

back but not quite...

hi folks! back from holidays for a few days already, but it is now my home internet connection that lets me down.. so im still minimally posting you from my psp and my non neighbours open wifi network (thanks alot!) ;)
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07 janvier 2008


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26 novembre 2007

Under Construction

well after waiting so long for a website to be brought up, i'm taking my chances and launching a blog instead. considering the fact i'm joining the blogosphere with this precise move, i ask you folks a little patience regarding the set up and the available data (pictures should be online soon as well...). See you soon, at the bar or around here! Jièm.
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