08 décembre 2012

11/12/2012, 21:30

APOLLO MUNYANSHONGORE & FRIENDS Born in 1973in Bruxelles with Rwanda origins, Apollo also lived Parisand is nowadays back in Luxembourg.Apollo started studying the drums in 1988 and played in several bands in Belgium and Luxembourg like Kasha Quartet (jazz) and Alaskan DogShop (funk, acid-jazz). Eventually he started practicing the bass and began participating in numerous projects from 1996, all different but all with commoninterest for groove: Groove Delivery (jazz-funk), Carlos Arboledo Group, Greg Lamy... [Lire la suite]
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05 décembre 2012

6/12/2012, 21:30

CARL WYATT & THE DELTA VOODOO KINGS  Carls's live performances are a powerful blend of Texas, Chicago and Delta Blues. He has played and toured with artists such as "Archie Lee Hooker", "Big Bo McGee", "Little Whitt Wells", "T.W. Henderson", "Sharon Lewis", "Tino Gonzales"..., recorded with all of the above mentioned artists, lived and jammed with the Godfather of the Boogie "John Lee Hooker" and has been profiled on radio and TV stations on both sides of the Atlantic. Although his main influences are artists such as... [Lire la suite]
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03 décembre 2012

4/12/12, 21:30

GUILLAUME CHERPITEL TRIO We are very happy to welcome this great project and amazing trio once again!Guillaume is an impressive piano player and an incredible music writer.This is truely someone to come discover!
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27 novembre 2012

29/11/2012, 21:30

DR RAIN & THE UMBRELLAS Surprisingly, this will be their first gig in LiquID. It has been under discussion for a long time already and we are finally there!... Unfortunately their original singer Pinky passed away last year, so the band needed some time to rethink its future and reorganise.Well i think the legacy is well taken care of and the man would be happy and proud of his band mates. So here we are, come and check out one of luxembourg's most legendary bands and come have... [Lire la suite]
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26 novembre 2012

27/11/2012, 21:30

LiquID JAZZ HOUSEBAND  This Tuesday will be second rendez-vous with our NEW Houseband this season ;) After an amazing first gig last month we are really proud and happy to welcome our friends this month again! Featuring Maxime Bender on saxes Laurent Payfert on upright bass and Jeff Herr on drums ;) Don't miss this one ;)))See you all there!!
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24 novembre 2012

24/11/2012, 22:00

THE FLASH The Flash is a musical provocation meant to create positive reactions.They are mostly influenced by 60ies and 70ies pop-rock (Fleetwood Mac, Jefferson Airplane, Syd garret, Hendrix…) and use these influences to create their own modern sound. The band exists in its actual form since 2009 and is about to launch their first full length album produced by Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Love Me Nots).Come and enjoy this new comer to LiquID, a young and much promising band!See you all tonight!
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21 novembre 2012

22/11/2012, 21:30

ARCHIE LEE & THE COAST TO COAST BLUES BAND  Archie Lee Hooker is the worthy nephew of John Lee Hooker.The parentage is pretty obvious, Archie Lee has got thetypical stage presence his uncle was known for. We are happy to welcome the man with a brand new project, surrounded by Fred Barreto, Nicolas Fageot and Yves Deville.A pretty efficient blues machine ;)See you all there ;)))
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19 novembre 2012

20/11/2012, 21:30

PIT DAHM & FRIENDS  This Tuesday we are happy to welcome Pit Dahm,amazingly talented drummer currently studying the drums in Amsterdam. Pit organised a re-union with his old fellas from the country. They'll play mostly standards revisited as the gig is mostly an excuse for having a musical party with his old friends and family. Although Pit happens to be playing in some of themost interesting projects we are happy to welcomein LiquID, this Tuesday is definitely more about having fun... [Lire la suite]
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15 novembre 2012

16/11/2012, 22:00

This Friday we will be hosting a special event thanks to Jeff Herr.  FUNK:REICH a great party band from Germany...Jazz, Funk, Soul and Rn'B played in the finest way ;)Come shake your booty with us and let's have a real good party ;)Looking forward to seeing you all there...Their MySpace here...
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14 novembre 2012

15/11/2012, 21:30

LATA GOUVEIA & BAND  besides the Beaujolais Nouveau Celebration, this Thursday will still be a Thursday ;)))after quickly becoming a real true friend, the man became also family ;)it's with special joy we are happy to welcome the man with his musical ship again ;) he has also mentioned to me that this week's gig might be a bit of a special one as the crew is planning on rocking a little harder than usual :) for those of you who haven't got the chance to get to know him yet here is a little information... [Lire la suite]
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