24 juin 2010

TOMI BOY & the 112 BLUES GANG tomi and dave are back to rock your world tonight! ;)the 112 blues gang will drag you out of the raw blues boundaries to reach rocky skies and funky bottoms ;)a proper blues power band, fun garanteed!be there ;)
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17 juin 2010

17/06/2010, 21:30

THE REAL BLUES GANG raw power blues from the finest! dave white on vocals and harpfred barreto on guitarsrené macri on bassand carlo bigatin on drums their myspace here
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14 juin 2010

15/06/2010, 21:30

CHRISTIAN MARIOTTO BROADWAY BAND this french quartet composed by musiciansused to play together in various combinations,is revisiting the broadway musicals standardsfor their fun of playing... damien prud'homme on saxeseric hurpeau on guitarjean-luc déat on bassand of course christian mariotto on drums come and enjoy!
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12 juin 2010

12/06/2010, 21:30

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09 juin 2010

10/06/2010, 21:30

GAASSEROCKBLUESBAND originally a jam collective, this band formed in 2006after the members decided to use their chemistry tocreate and produce their own compositions.originally a 4tet, they'll come as a trio this time, as régiscouldn't make himself available at last minute, as the guysare covering for pluspoint that had to cancel on last minute...instead, a previous member, charel, will be joining in and exceptionnally playing the harp for us this time ;)an extra thanks to Fränk and his crew for that! so, this is blues from... [Lire la suite]
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07 juin 2010

08/06/2010, 21:30

MOK! Marc Mangen: fender rhodes piano Olivier Stalon: electric bass Kris Duerinckx: drums own compositions, folk tunes and free improvisationsplayed far from the pure tradition of jazz.a very special venue not to be missed! their myspace here
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03 juin 2010

03/06/2010, 21:30

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29 mai 2010

01/06/2010, 21:30

JAN SCHROEDER 4TET this is the band of jan schroeder we arewelcoming this week, their new record "onelinedrawing" has been recentlyreleased... jan schroeder is a jazz guitarist born in Den Haag (NL)from a german mother and a french father, grown upin south germany... a european jazz talent ;)modern and often modal, their sound is warm andgenerous carried by spherical guitar sound. The quartet won prices at the Holland Casino Jazz Award and the Motives in Jazz award in 2008. Furthermore they were invited to play... [Lire la suite]
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26 mai 2010

27/05/2010, 21:30

CARL WYATT carl wyatt and the delta voodoo kings isdefinitely the most authentic texas blues band i know!awesome sound, great compositions and the real texas feel! carl is an amazing soloist, with uniqueslide skills and he is driven by a serious solid rhythmicalsection!a rare quality venue not to be missed! check their myspace here
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23 mai 2010

25/05/2010, 21:30

4's this project's band members have met and started to playin luxembourg. the combo formed like this is goingfor over a year now and plays eclectic and diversified compositions...  swing, blues, latin... david ascani on saxjérôme klein on pianopol belardi on bassandrea arpetti on drums
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