06 décembre 2007

WINCKELPICKERS, december 6th

hello, hello... winckelpickers in the house tonight. raw, straight ahead blues is the least to expect. cya there!
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06 décembre 2007

REMINDER: a week to go for RADIO DAZE

don't forget! next wednesday, december 12th, RADIO DAZE will play in LIQUid from 9 o'clock on... come and support the guys, they need and DESERVE it! Free entrance as usual!
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06 décembre 2007

Winter time is there

More cold. more humidity around. everyone is chilled but only a few know where to warm up properly!.. Come share our taste for wintery stuff... Gluewein and XMAS beer are in the air. a nice way to forget about the weather outside and warm up with a season drink. our fire corner remains the corner to hang around! Don't like hot wine?, try ours(!) or come and check our new selection of red wines...
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30 novembre 2007


OK. it's definitely freezing out there. winter time and christmas mood is slowly settling around us.it's now time for us to take the boyler out the attic, give it a nice fresh cleansing and spread the nice spices smells all over the bar; GLUEWEIN is back in the house! Come and grab a cup and enjoy our wood fire!
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30 novembre 2007

RADIO DAZE en concert le 12 décembre

RADIO DAZE (classic/rock covers - IRL+L) will be playing for us on december 12th 2007 again! come along and bring your friends!
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26 novembre 2007

Under Construction

well after waiting so long for a website to be brought up, i'm taking my chances and launching a blog instead. considering the fact i'm joining the blogosphere with this precise move, i ask you folks a little patience regarding the set up and the available data (pictures should be online soon as well...). See you soon, at the bar or around here! Jièm.
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