09 avril 2009

09/04/2009, 21:30

CARL WYATT Carls's live performances are a powerful blend of Texas, Chicago and Delta Blues. He has played and toured with artists such as "Archie Lee Hooker", "Big Bo McGee", "Little Whitt Wells", "T.W. Henderson", "Sharon Lewis", "Tino Gonzales"..., recorded with all of the above mentioned artists, lived and jammed with the Godfather of the Boogie "John Lee Hooker" and has been profiled on radio and TV stations on both sides of the Atlantic. Although his... [Lire la suite]
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01 avril 2009

02/04/2009, 21:30

NZZ BLUES BAND nicolas zdankiewicz is a gifted young guitaristfrom Troyes, France.his website seems to be down so here is his myspace instead...herbert stengele on bassand cyprien jacquet on drums.a nice power trio to enjoy...be our guests.
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25 mars 2009

26/03/2009, 21:30

TOMI BOY AND HIS 112 BLUES GANG the one and only tomi.the one we like and we know.you probably do too in the mean time!always worth spending the night with us,it's always a nice experience. come and enjoy!
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18 mars 2009

19/03/2009, 21:30

i know it is all subjective and a matter of taste, but these folks are definitely on the top 3of my list! (including you dave, yes of course!)! definitely covers, definitely bluesrock, but the best out of it! what an energy, the right feel and the right tone.those of you not knowing the boys should definitely give themselves a chance!cya there! :)their website here, tosch's myspace here...
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12 mars 2009

12/03/2009, 21:30

DAVE WHITE AND HIS BAD LUCK CATS there is definitely no need to present the man or his crew anymore, but for thoseof you that might not know him yet, checkhis myspace here power blues in the best way!come and enjoy!
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04 mars 2009

05/03/2009, 21:30

LITTLE BLUES BAND  it's been awhile since they last have beenplaying in LiquID. these wonderful peopleare sharing their love to chicago blues for many years already and it's always a pleasureto welcome them on our blues sessions.nice warm sound, original program and goodvibes... every ingredient for a nice evening. cu there!
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26 février 2009

26/02/2009, 21:30

MG BLUES BAND blues-rock, blues or rock, there are many sidesto the MG blues; but however we love them! music played with real soul and heart... it is everytime a great pleasure to welcome this venue! come and enjoy with us, quality and much fun involved!
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24 février 2009

24/02/2009, 21:30

CHRISTIAN MARIOTTO AND HIS BROADWAY BAND originally from Marseille, where he trained withPhil LEVAN and within different bands, Christian Mariotto moved to Nancy some years ago. He perfected @ CNMC ("Jazz Fusion" degree with unanimousl special mention) and with Umberto Pagnini, also at courses with Paul Motian, Bill Frisell, Marc Johnson, Lee Konitz, Joe Lovano, Dave Liebman, John Taylor and Kenny Wheeler. nowadays he teaches at the music academy MAI in Nancyand at the EDIM in Paris.
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18 février 2009

19/02/2009, 21:30

GAASSEROCK BLUES BAND a local band performing in luxembourgish!Frank Hänkes on vocals and guitarMax Courtois on bassPascal Graffe on drums who says Luxembourgish isn't a melodic language?it works with them at least!come and see, the boys are very entertainingand seriously grooving too!
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10 février 2009

12/02/2009, 21:30

TOMMY BOY & HIS 112 BLUES GANG a classic of ours as we love them!Mr tom lehnert on drums, sir dave white on vocals and harp...guitars and bass tend to vary quite oftenso we'll have to wait to see who'll pleaseus on that side...fun garanteed!
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