12 mars 2014

13/03/2014, 21:30

Poundcake was founded in 2001 and has as unique aim to play and share their love for high-energy-blues-rock in luxembourg and great region. The band performs covers from legendary blues artists like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Bonamassa, Robben Ford, Philip Sayce etc... they perform their songs with high power and fat grooves with a very personal touch.personal tip.great gig!come and enjoy....their website here...
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05 mars 2014

06/03/2014, 21:30

COCO & BLUE ICE  This Thursday's Blues Session, LiquID is excited to present you this new comer.Friends of friends are friends, so those new friends of ours have the perfect skills to put the bar on fire this Thursday! Whether in duet or in full line-up Coco & Blue Ice truely live their love for the musicthat originated jazz, rock, funk, soul and every evolution of these genres: the blues.An authentic and honest show as intimate on moments as raw power explosions on others,Coco & Blue Ice are simply to be... [Lire la suite]
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24 février 2014

27/02/2014, 21:30

RENAUD RL LESIRE BLUES DUO  Harmonica player, guitarist, bassist and songwriter in his spare time, Renaud Lesire animates blues scenes all over Belgium and even further over Europe. His “roots” style emerges from the Delta to reach Chicago Blues, inspired by Robert Johnson, Big Bill Broonzy, RL Burnside, Hound Dog Taylor, Muddy Waters ... This week they will present us their new duet, sided by Tomi Boy Lehnert on drums, a very new and free approach of the music they love. A lot of fun garanteed, another great night not to... [Lire la suite]
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18 février 2014

20/02/2014, 21:30

LATA GOUVEIA Born in Lisbon in 1975, Lata Gouveia started at the age of 18 singing and playing folk songs in bars in London’s West End, places like the Acoustic Café, the 12 Bar Blues Club and the open mikes in Camden Town. Throughout the 1990’s he fronted several bands in London, from Blues bands to Rock, Pop and Reggae bands and signed to Athole Still International Management in 1998. In 2001 Lata composed music for Luis Galvao Teles movie “Tudo isto e Fado (Fado Filmes) and moved to Lisbon from where he set up his band Lata... [Lire la suite]
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11 février 2014

13/02/2014, 21:30

LiquID BLUES HOUSEBAND JAM SESSION Our Blues Houseband is back again to animate this week's jam session.Dave Jalisco White on harp, vocals and overall entertainment, Fred Barreto on guitar, René Macri on bass and Tomy Boy Lehnert on the beat.Bring your instruments and your talent or simply your ears and come enjoy!
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05 février 2014

06/02/2014, 21:30

HEAVY PETROL    After some recent changes in the line-up, Heavy Petrol is back and rocking as ever.These fellows play blues leaning towards rock with a modern edge. they also cover songs from some artists such as Johnny Winter, Joe Bonamassa, Calvin Russell, Freddie King and so on....all for fun, just for fun! Mario Woody Bruns (Clanrock) on vocals and harpDan Krier (Nazz Nazz) on bassGigi Felten (Matt Dawson & Warehouse; Blues,Women & Whiskey) on guitarDaniel Görömböla Juchem (Taxi; 7seasons)... [Lire la suite]
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29 janvier 2014

30/01/2014, 21:30

CARL WYATT& THE DELTA VOODOO KINGS carl wyatt and the delta voodoo kings is definitely the most authentic texas blues band i know!awesome sound, great compositions and the real texas feel! carl is an amazing soloist, with unique slide skills and he is driven by a serious solid rhythmical section! a rare quality venue not to be missed! Carl Wyatt: guitar, lap-steel, cigar-box guitar, voxApollo Munyanchongore: BassAlex Logel: Hammond & PianoYves DeVille: Drumstheir website here
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23 janvier 2014

23/01/2014, 21:30

The 5 -piece blues-rock band plays a mix of blues with rock and groovy energy accents as well as bonds of soul and funk. Songs by John Mayall, Paul Butterfield, Canned Heat, The Doors, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Cream, Tito & Tarantula, inter alia, are performed in their own way and bring the audience to rock ! Away from the mainstream cover bands, the band plays well-known Songs that are rarely played. The frontman Blind Dog Mayer shared the stage with well-known German and international music greats such as : Big... [Lire la suite]
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08 janvier 2014

09/01/2014, 21:30

BABY FACE AND HER SCRAP DEALERS  This week's blues session's band is probably the most originalblues band we have had the chance to welcome in LiquID overthe years! BABY FACE & SCRAP DEALERS bridges the gap between blues and rock roots involving every sub-genres like stomp, shuffle or boogie...A unique sound for a quite unique trio:Julia aka Baby Face on vocals and percussions...Pierre aka Fat Pete on trombone and sousaphoneand Ben aka Yamin on dobro, banjo and guitar Their MySpace hereCome enjoy... [Lire la suite]
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01 janvier 2014

02/01/2014, 21:30

THE KID COLLING CARTELWho is the Kid ? The Kid is Stephan Colling, one of Luxembourgs new young talent in the Blues Scene. Steph or Sean, as we call him, learned to play the blues by himself when he was 16. The more he digged into the Blues, the more he realized that the music was his path.  In 2008 he decided to enter a music school to become a professional musician and landed in Paris at the "American School of Modern Music" where he discovered and studied Jazz till now. During the last years... [Lire la suite]
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