15 septembre 2015

15/09/2015, 21:30

2015-2016 SEASON OPENER:DAVID FETTMANN TRIOpresents RUBY PROJECT There are not many saxophonists who have such a unique sound and clear structures in their language of music at a relatively young age. David Fettmann is only 37, and the "Ruby Project" only his second album under his own name. Following his highly acclaimed debut CD "Prelude" released in 2011 (Double Moon Records DMCHR 71091), which put the Frenchman born in Strasbourg into collective consciousness as one of the most interesting European alto saxophonists of the... [Lire la suite]
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20 juillet 2015

21/07/2015, 21:30

CLUTTERED CLARITY It is summer break time again and our good friend is back from his overseas studies at Berklee College of Music, Boston with his band Cluttered Clarity. They play an eclectic fusion of modern Jazz, Gospel and blues featuring a high level of talented young musicians from Luxembourg, Slovenia, Malaysia, and the United States. Cluttered Clarity is a music trying to combine 2 worlds. The world of Jazz with it's high level of improvisation and depth of chords and the world of a heavy Groove. The band's main goal... [Lire la suite]
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13 juillet 2015

14/07/2015, 21:30

TRIANGULO - MAMBO MEN -   In constant evolution this project is based around cuban singer Julio Lopez on vocals and percussions and pianist Guillaume Cherpitel on piano, bass and vocals. They have performed LiquID before as a duet, as a trio and as a quartet as well! always been a great night!Currently awaiting confirmation for the line-up, we can already garantee an awesome funky and groovy, sunny and happy evening careless of the actual weather outside! It will be summer in LiquID tomorrow night!! Their... [Lire la suite]
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06 juillet 2015

07/07/2015, 21:30

TNTTURBO NIGLO TRIO  We are really proud and happy to welcome this very original project from Toulouse for our Tuesday night Jazz Session this week.This new comer in LiquID is a ufo in the world of jazz. Power gipsy swing is what these boys are about, in a jazz-rock-electro touch. This project mixes influences of progressive rock with electro, gipsy jazz with oriental music. Original for sure. interesting, indeed! fun, garanteed! Come discover and enjoy this summery gig with us! check their website here...
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30 juin 2015

30/06/2015, 21:30

LiquID JAZZ HOUSEBANDFeat. ERNIE HAMMES & CLAUDE SCHAUS  It's time again for our monthly jazz rendez-vous with our Jazz Houseband. This month, Jeff, Maxime and Laurent have invited not just one but two guest stars to join in the musical party! ;) Ernie Hammes will join the troops with his trumpets and Claude "minimi" Schaus will add another layer of keys to the lot. La crême de la crême!
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16 juin 2015

16/06/2015, 21:30

GUILLAUME CHERPITEL Guillaume Cherpitel started music and classical piano at the age of 6 years. After a period of discovery and learning other instruments (percussion lessons and courses of West Africa with Mamady Keita and Issa Dembelé , guitar ...) he naturally refocused on the piano. In 2003 he joined the jazz department of the Conservatory of Nancy and graduated the Diploma of Musical Studies (DEM) in 2009. Meanwhile, he continued to meet many musicians from different cultures with which he made experiences as leader and... [Lire la suite]
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09 juin 2015

09/06/2015, 21:30

GL TrioTonight, Greg Lamy will do us the honour of animating our weekly jazz session with his trio. Greg is definitely one of the most humble and most talented guitarist around. Greg Lamy is a « guitar player whose refreshing and pure guitar sound gives birth to multiple melodical climates, underlined by a most fluid style, a musician with a promising future » (Lionel Loueke). Greg will be supported by Gautier Laurent on bass and Jean-Marc Robin on the drums.A very nice evening indeed, roaming between standards and own... [Lire la suite]
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01 juin 2015

02/06/2015, 21:30

BRIDGE OF FLAVOURS  Electro funk, jungle, jazz, slam and improvisations…BOF is the project igniciated by Julien Petit on saxophones and slam and Guillaume Cherpitel on keyboards and samples...  Their music is a result of numerous influences and of very various genres. The compositions are definitely jazzy but going way beyond boundaries. The music roams between tradition and modernity with a weird but overwhelming positive energy.On this particular event, Apollo Munyanshongore will be playing bass and Julien... [Lire la suite]
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25 mai 2015

26/05/2015, 21:30

LiquID JAZZ HOUSEBAND Well its time again this month for our monthly rendez-vous with our Jazz Houseband. Jeff Herr and Maxime Bender being out of the country this week, the line-up will slightly differ from the regular one indeed!So Laurent Payfert will remain on the bass... Jean-Marc Robin will drive the drums... and Greg Lamy will delight us with his toughtfull riffs on the guitar... A different evening with a solid b-team for our biggest pleasure!!See you all there ;)
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18 mai 2015

19/05/2015, 21:30

ARTHUR POSSING QUARTET This week we are really happy to welcome this young and fresh local project. Arthur Possing is a young luxembourgish pianist born in 1996. He started with classical piano at the age of 10 and is now in the class of well-known pianist Jean Muller. In 2009, he began jazz piano with Marc Mangen and in 2011, vibraphone with Guy Cabay. The Arthur Possing Quartet was formed in 2013. The members of the group met in school (music section) and soon started to play together regularly. They now are... [Lire la suite]
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