11 mai 2015

12/05/2015, 21:30

KADRASONIC   Kadrasonic‘s music is a fresh, visceral stew of conventional and experimental sounds that features stonking riffs, thrashy noise, evocative songs and acoustic soundscapes. Incubated in mammoth improvisation sessions and honed at local gigs, their music is delivered with a captivating swagger and greedy energy that is utterly beguiling and packs a powerful punch. Kadrasonic are: Christian Klinkenberg (piano) Maxime Bender (tenor/soprano saxophone) Franck Hemmerlé (drums) Vedran... [Lire la suite]
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05 mai 2015

05/05/2015, 21:30

Jean-Marc ROBIN"DWO" DWO is a project carried by two musicians and friends that have known and played on and off with each other for a long time now. It's obviously a duo, with Jean-Marc Robin on drums and Jean-Yves Jung on keyboards. "Dwo" is however not exclusively a duet, although it is its essential form but they invite other artists to venture into pure improvisation or serving compositions written for the occasion. Jazz is omnipresent all across the compositions but it is colored by the creative touch of each our... [Lire la suite]
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20 avril 2015

21/04/2015, 21:30

LINUS Linus is the duo of guitarist Ruben Machtelinckx and reed player Thomas Jillings. Their debut album Onland, released in January 2014 was well-received by international press and put the two young musicians on the map as part of the new generation of improvising musicians in Belgium, with their melodic and personal compositions and the intimate sound of the tenor saxophone (or alto clarinet) and the rarely heard acoustic baritone guitar.Onland was described as “combining the... [Lire la suite]
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07 avril 2015

07/04/2015, 21:30

STEDWIN meets WORLDSERVICE PROJECTTonight in LiquID, we have the amazing honour to welcome not one but two incredible bands touring together!!!A real atypical jazz party will be happening! STEDWINSTEDWIN is a young french jazz trio project formed around reknown and prized musicians!The music based around improvisation is roaming between rock influences, pop climates, electronic sounds and hip hop grooves.Their bandcamp here... WORLDSERVICE PROJECTWSP is a british project. Their music is based around exciting and... [Lire la suite]
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30 mars 2015

31/03/2015, 21:30

LiquID JAZZ HOUSEBAND  Featuring CLAUDE PAULY This week is time for our monthly rendez-vous with our Jazz Houseband. This time our talented trio has invited Claude Pauly jazz fusion guitar virtuoso. For sure a great night garanteed!  Born in Luxembourg , Claude eventually found his way to the guitar via various other school music instruments at the age of 16. Soon the electric guitar became his main focus, and the initial self taught years lead him through various blues, rock and experimental bands. Having been... [Lire la suite]
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24 mars 2015

24/02/2015, 21:30

TRES LATIN JAZZ  Sebastian Jakimczuk, Federico Hilal and Daniel Corrado form a convincing trio where afro-american colours,  latin-american warmth and rio-platense´s air can be found. Buenos Aires typical sounds and textures complement with musical language from North America. TRES is a trío that was born in 2008, playing jazz standards and afro-latin music. After 5 years, their first recording -Al Despertar- arrives, with a solid and original sound, and also with some guest musicians internationally... [Lire la suite]
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16 mars 2015

17/03/2015, 21:30

INSTANT FOLK HEROES  Stefano Agostini on bassInstant Folk Heroes try to take a bold step on own compositions as well as on existing works. The collective creates a specific colour, where the tension often simmers beneath the surface of the artfully netted music. The group's instrumentation allows a wide range of shades, which are enforced by each musician's strong soloistic capacities, each with his personal story, but always rooted in the tradition of jazz music.The ensemble never goes for artificial effects and tries to... [Lire la suite]
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09 mars 2015

10/03/2015, 21:30

MANGEN - BENDER - SCHMIDT - HERRAfter a greag gig last week with his original trio, Marc Mangen is back this week with his incredible bassist Boris Schmidt for a special gig with our Houseband stars Maxime Bender and Jeff Herr. For sure an entertaining and groovy night again ;) Marc Mangen on keyboard Maxime Bender on saxophones Boris Schmidt on double bass and Jeff Herr on drumsBe there or be square
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02 mars 2015

03/03/2015, 21:30

MARC MANGEN TRIO The personal style of Marc Mangen is strongly shaped by his constant research on new harmonic and melodic possibilities. Nevertheless, eclectisism is of the utmost importance to him. As a consequence, he cannot be associated with a particular jazz style. To be precise, his music is perceived as timeless. Over the years a huge collection of jazz themes of all kind was created. These themes are most of the time subject to an evolutionary process. From time to time, and especially after being performed with other... [Lire la suite]
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23 février 2015

24/02/2015, 21:30

LiquID JAZZ HOUSEBAND feat MURAT ÖZTÜRK! This month our Jazz Houseband is welcoming Murat Öztürk, french-turquish-italian piano genious on keyboards. A multicultural artist with a great talent to integrate all of his different roots into his playing and compositions. His 4th album Dün is about to come out. Come and discover this wonderful artist having fun with our local heroes, Maxime Bender on saxes, Laurent Payfert on bass and Jeff Herr on drums.
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