18 février 2015

19/02/2015, 21:30

THE TRICKThe TRICK is an instrumental project gathering some of the best music professionals around. Florent Plataroti (VECCHI & BRUTTI,...) on guitars,Sergio Rodriguez (REMO CAVALLINI,...) on keyboards,Apollo Munyanshongore (CARL WYATT, KADER FAHEM,...) on bassand Benoît Martiny (BMB, MARK LOTTERMANN,...) on drums :) This instrumental project is their fun band. Its a great party trigger! Their music is instrumental, groovy, rocky, jazzy at times as well, they have fun playing around soundtracks and they are simply so much... [Lire la suite]
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17 février 2015

17/02/2015, 21:30

Tam de Villiers 4tet "Panacea" Album Release  For the the best part of a decade, the quartet of British-born guitarist (living in France since 2003), Tam de Villiers, has been striving for musical authenticity, compositional originality and honest group interplay. Avoiding pastiche of the past and present, and deftly side-stepping the fleeting musical trends of the moment, the aim here is to explore a personal take on the human experience, defying genres and period.  Resolutely idiosyncratic, the music of Tam de Villiers... [Lire la suite]
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10 février 2015

10/02/2015, 21:30

PIT DAHM QUARTET Pit has set up this special lux quartet for us tonight. A friends revival between these musicians that know each other so well... fun garanteed ;)))Tonight's line-up will then include: - Jerome Klein on keyboards - Maxime Bender on saxophones - Pol Belardi on bass - Pit Dahm on drumspositions may vary :))but the groove will remain :)
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03 février 2015

03/02/2015, 21:30

Ro Gebhardt's "European Jazz Organ Trio"  This project is the result of a long friendship between musicians of a very vivid and confidently growing european jazz scene. The line-up is a result of excellent relationships with colleagues from the german and french scenes. A cast of award winners, representatives of their scene in their respective countries. Ro Gebhardt - guitar Jean-Marc Robin - drumsMurat Özturk - organ
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26 janvier 2015

27/01/2015, 21:30

LiquID JAZZ HOUSEBAND featuring CARLO NARDOZZA  Currently a teacher at the conservatory Brussels and Academy Hasselt, Carlo Nardozza born 1982 is co-founder of the first line-up of the Jeff Herr Corporation. Besides, Carlo is also an active member of the Orchestre National de Jazz Luxembourg and of the European Jazz trumpets, trumpet collective conducted by Pierre Drevet. His constantly growing list of contributions and collaborations included in between others George Duke, Bert Joris, Philip... [Lire la suite]
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16 janvier 2015

20/01/2015, 21:30

HSL 3Heck-Levy-Sales trio A bit of a last minute gig, we are happy to welcome our good and talented young friends for - what will be for sure - an interesting funky and groovy jazz night. Luca Sales on keyboards Tom Heck on bass andJonathan Levy on drums
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13 janvier 2015

13/01/2014, 21:30

GREG LAMY ELECTRIC Our friend Greg Lamy is back in LiquID with a new project and a couple of friends he's been playing with before, but never in this trio setting. Besides duos, trios and quartets and this brand new trios is - believing his words - giving him great satisfaction and fun!The not least talented accomplices are nothing less than Jean-Yves Jung on keyboard and Jean-Marc Robin on drums For sure, tonight is going to be an impressive gig as you can expect.Come have fun with us.
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04 janvier 2015

06/01/2015, 21:30

VINCENT THEKAL / PIT DAHM This week, LiquID is happy to welcome a unique collaboration again. Vincent Thekal has built this unique project alongside our good friend and talented drummer Pit Dahm currently living in Amsterdam. Vincent Thekal happily cultivates the bop of the golden years with success. His warm, sensual, sometimes rageous tenor sax tone gives it all its authencity though. His music swings and usually delivers an incredible energy. Creative, modern and groovy.Vincent Thekal on saxToni Mora on guitarBors Schmidt... [Lire la suite]
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29 décembre 2014

30/12/2014, 21:30

LiquID JAZZ HOUSEBAND Featuring CEDRIC HANRIOT  Our Jazz Houseband is inviting talent Cédric Hanriot for a special gathering for our last gig of the year. Maxime Bender on saxophone, Laurent Payfert on double bass, Jeff Herr on drums and Cédric Hanriot on keyboards. A very groovy evening to expect ;)))
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23 décembre 2014

23/12/2014, 21:30

LOS HERMANOS LOCOS  Away from the strict jazz boundaries, its a celebration gig LiquID is proposing tonight as the bar will be closed wednesday 24th and thursday 25ft.In these cold winter times, we thought it'd be just right to ste the bar on fire with some sunny, groovy music. The boys are influenced by cuban and latin music in general but also by traditional music and they created this unique festive blend of sound that represents them so well. Come and celebrate with us, we garantee a great party ;)
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