15 décembre 2014

16/12/2014, 21:30

LP 4tet This incredible quartet plays a patchwork of jazz, roaming from standards, improvisation, songs, Monk's music, Steve Lacy's music and is also deeply influenced by modern music too. 4 incredible musicians having fun. come and enjoy with us! Damien Prud'homme on saxMurat Öztürk on keyboardJean-Marc Robin on drumsLaurent Payfert on bass
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07 décembre 2014

09/12/2014, 21:30

MICHEL MEIS 4tet This coming Tuesday, Michel Meis our young talented luxembourguish drummer friend is coming with an original line-up and a new quartet project with other well known musicians from the local scene. With Timo Görlich as guest on trumpet, this trio is formed by marc mangen on keys, sebastian schlapbe flach on bass and michel meis himself on drums. Considering the musicians different backgrounds it's pretty hard to know what to expect from this gathering, but for sure high musicality and heavy grooves. Another... [Lire la suite]
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01 décembre 2014

02/12/2014, 21:30

BXL GROOVE COLLECTIVE  As previously mentionned, CADILLAC PALACE had to cancel their gig this Tuesday. Jerome Klein their drummer is coming with some serious replacement musicians and a totally original and unique line-up for our biggest pleasure. The evening will be groovy and funky at will. come enjoy ;) Igor Gehenot on keyboards Thomas Mayade on trumpet and effects Sebastian Schlapbe on basses and Jerome Klein on drums
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01 décembre 2014

02/12/2014, 21:30

CADILLAC PALACE Totally eclectic influences don't have to be a brake, on the contrary, but rather a source of inexhaustible creativity. Sébastien Leibundguth and Jean-Baptiste Berger share the same desire: make a trio that combines energy, violence, gentleness, contrast and blending all these musical languages that they listen or practice for so many years, eg Marc Ducret, Steve Vai, John Zorn, but also John Coltrane, Paul Motian Trio of Hyperactive Kids tand also projects like Tiny Bell Trio. From the French to the... [Lire la suite]
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24 novembre 2014

25/11/2014, 21:30

LiquID JAZZ HOUSEBAND featuring Ro Gebhardt  Its time this week again for our monthly rendez-vous with our Jazz Houseband.Maxime Bender on sax, Laurent Payfert on double bass and Jeff Herr on drums.This month, the trio's guest will be german guitarist and compositor Ro Gebhardt.A quality evening with exceptionnal musicians. A unique gathering for a once of gig and fun evening.
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17 novembre 2014

18/11/2014, 21:30

THE PUSSY PROJECT A brand new project from some of our prolific talented friends! Top level jazz, funky and groovy. The gig will be followed by a jam session :)Jerome KleinPol BelardiSebastian Schlapbe FlachNiels Engel
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10 novembre 2014

11/11/2014, 21:30

TBA 4tet A new quartet and brand new all stars jazz quartet.Standards and compositions. a must see for sure! Ernie Hammes on trumpet Jerome Klein on keys Laurent Peckels on bass  and Michel Meis on drums you know what you get ;)
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03 novembre 2014

04/10/2014, 21:30

RYAN CARNIAUX QUINTET  "I was born in New York City and raised outside Providence, Rhode Island. Already as a teenager I have been a working musician, playing in various bands throughout New England. During these formative years, I had the great opportunity to sit in and sub for the local Monday night big band, the John Almark Jazz Orchestra. It was here, playing in a band consisting mostly of veterans of the Buddy Rich or Woody Herman Big bands, that I began to hone my skills as a jazz man. Shortly thereafter, I was awarded... [Lire la suite]
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26 octobre 2014

28/10/2014, 21:30

ASA TRIO  ASA Trio is an incredible and fantastic icelandic organ trio. Since 2005, this group has been performing all sorts of music in its own unique way. It would not be unusual to walk into an ASA Trio show and hear them playing a song by Fiona Apple, Wayne Shorter, Jimi Hendrix or Bud Powell… and their debut album “Plays the Music of Thelonious Monk” earned them international praise. However, now ASA Trio is releasing their 2nd album “Craning” which exclusively features original compositions by the trio. The new music... [Lire la suite]
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20 octobre 2014

21/10/2014, 21:30

LE TAB The TAB is guitarist Alex Beaurain's trio with Frédéric Becker on sax and bansuri and Frédéric Malempré on percussions. The songs are all originals. Accoustic and colorful their music originates from a serious writing  and arranging process. Their new record HIMEROS just came out now in septembre on Mogno Music.Come discover this really nice accoustic jazz project, sponsored and organised by Bluebird Music A.s.b.l.
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