08 avril 2015

09/04/2015, 21:30

SNEAKY PETEThe band’s name was inspired by the story of ‘Sneaky Pete’, a enslaved man during the times of American slavery and black oppression, the times when the roots of blues was born.  Sneaky Pete, made a legend from his famous brew, a mix of leftover wine from white owner’s barrels.  The brew would take his name,  ‘Sneaky Pete’, of which he shared with his fellow slaves.  ‘Sneaky Pete’ is at the heart of blues and soul and the legend is at the heart of the band.  “Sneaky Pete”! A blues band,... [Lire la suite]
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02 avril 2015

02/04/2015, 21:30

FRED BARRETO GROUP  I don't think we need to present Fred Barreto or his band anymore, we are simply really happy to welcome Fred back to LiquID tonight.For sure one of the most solid blues act you can think of. come have fun and enjoy with us. Fred Barreto - guitar/vocalsDaniel Fastro - bassMichael Stein - drums
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26 mars 2015

26/03/2015, 21:30

LiquID BLUES HOUSEBAND Jam Session   As every LAST thursday of the month we are hosting the Blues Jam Session at LiquID.Don't miss this sensational first session for this spring!Come along and bring your instrument!David White: vocals/harpTom Lehnert: drumsRene Macri: bassGilles Droixhe: guitars
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19 mars 2015

19/03/2015, 21:30

MG BLUESBAND  The MG BB is well known for years in the Greater Region for its silky and warm sound. Driven by Mike on bass and Gabriel "mini Clapton" on guitar the band was originally a quintet for the past 15 years and has remodelled as a trio last spring. We are much looking forward to their performance tonight and hope you'll come and discover a rawer version of this band we do love!
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12 mars 2015

12/03/2015, 21:30

BMBB When Jazz goes Blues....Our good friends and talented jazz musicians are invading LiquID for another once off gig tonight! Benoit Martiny is coming with his friends to play some blues and blues rock classic tunes and standards.Benoit Martiny on drumsPaolo Simoes on guitar Rom "den Waissen" Christnach on bassand Jerome Klein on keyboards
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04 mars 2015

05/03/2015, 21:30

NZZ  His name is Nicolas Zdankiewicz, also known as NZZ Blues. The man started to play guitar with 12 years old and played in many different types of bands: Reggae, Rock, Blues, R&B, Funk, and Jazz.  April 2001, NZZ started singing and playing the Blues and formed the "Walking Blues Band". Nowadays with the "NZZ Blues Band" Nicolas is traveling all over Europe from stage to stage sharing his music with all the people who come to their shows. Their Blues is dynamic and rocking... [Lire la suite]
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26 février 2015

26/02/2015, 21:30

BLUES JAM SESSION  with the LiquID Blues Houseband YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT.The House band starts off the night with a small set and than opens the jam for all guest-musicians !!!Just bring your instrument! David White: vocals/harpTom Lehnert: drumsRene Macri: bassGilles Droixhe: guitar
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10 février 2015

12/02/2015, 21:30

RL LESIRE BLUES TRIO  Harmonica player, guitarist, bassist and songwriter in his spare time, Renaud Lesire animates blues scenes all over Belgium and even further over Europe. His “roots” style emerges from the Delta to reach Chicago Blues, inspired by Robert Johnson, Big Bill Broonzy, RL Burnside, Hound Dog Taylor, Muddy Waters... Known for his solo and duet performances, Renaud will come as a trio this Thursday for our biggest pleasure!
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05 février 2015

05/02/2015, 21:30

MARK LOTTERMAN Mark is a singer/songwriter from Rotterdam. His songs are well known for their story telling lyrics and his performances for their expression and authenticity. Mark’s style is often compared with Nick Cave, Johnny Cash and Tom Waits. His debut record Pain & Entertainment came out in 2007 and contains a weird variety of styles: from slow guitar ballads to a 12 mins long Drum n Bass duet with master of freak roots Johnny Dowd. Mark gained critical acclaim with his 2nd record: Better things to Do (2009).... [Lire la suite]
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29 janvier 2015

29/01/2015, 21:30

LiquID BLUES HOUSEBAND Jam Session  David White: vocals/harpTom Lehnert: drumsRene Macri: bassGilles Droixhe: guitar YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE. The House band starts off the night with a small set and than opens the jam for all guest-musicians !!!
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