johnny walther


some stories point out of the lot, bring their share of fun or incredible discoveries...

so this danish cowboy sits in the bar early this week when i get in
to start my shift and take over the bar and comes to me...
"Carl (Wyatt), a good friend of mine told me about your place and i'd like to play here.
- ok...?..??... (Carl is definitely a garantee for quality but i've never heard, seen or listened to this guy so...)
but the man hands me a cd, i put in on and there...

definitely a great discovery! folk, blues, a touch of country - always enough and never too much!
i seriously loved this cd, made me think of many artists i really like, but with a very personal songwriting!

we have had the chance to hear a tiny bit of the man's talent live in our Jam Session last night
and i can only tell that i can't wait to see the whole set!
this man's charisma, his generosity and his individual talent are the best ingredients we can hope for, for
an unforgetable evening again!

I hope you'll be lucky enough to read this in time and that you will join us for this last minute gig.

be well and have a great week-end you all!