31 juillet 2013

01/08/2013, 21:30

the KID COLLING CARTEL's  SATELLITE PARTY  After an awesome night, on one of our normal Thursday nights a few weeks ago, we wanted to offer sean another chance to entertain us before the man leaves us again for Paris at the end of summer.Sean will come with his normal band but you are all welcome to join in and come and jam with them.For sure another night not to miss!!!
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22 juillet 2013


This year was the 13th participation of LiquID to the Blues & Jazz Rallye.We would like to thank everyone for making this night the best and most fun evening of the year. To LiquID, this event represents the cimax of the season and was also the closing act before our annual summer break.This year instead, we have decided to carry on some of the concerts throughout the summer and will keep you posted about them as usual.We are pleased to propose you a very eclectic program for this summer.We are going to host accoustic... [Lire la suite]
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19 juillet 2013

19/07/2013, 22:00

WARM-UP SESSION - JAMThis year again, thanks to the Luxembourg City Tourist Office, the heart of Luxembourg city will beat to the vibes of the Blues & Jazz Rallye.The B&JR festivities taking place on Saturday 20th of July will gather 250 musicians on 12 open air stages and 20 bars and restaurants. 25000 people are expected to attend! It's now many years that LiquID - as being the temple of Jazz & Blues in the country - launches festivities the night before the big happening with a huge jam... [Lire la suite]
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17 juillet 2013

18/07/2013, 21:30

THE KID COLLING CARTELWho is the Kid ? The Kid is Stephan Colling, one of Luxembourgs new young talent in the Blues Scene. Steph or Sean, as we call him, learned to play the blues by himself when he was 16. The more he digged into the Blues, the more he realized that the music was his path.  In 2008 he decided to enter a music school to become a professional musician and landed in Paris at the "American School of Modern Music" where he discovered and studied Jazz till now. During the last years... [Lire la suite]
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15 juillet 2013

16/07/2013, 21:30

GREG LAMY 4tet  The quartet gathered around guitarist Greg Lamy, one of the most talented international artists among the 'rising stars' of the european jazz scene. The four musicians are long standing friends, have been playing together for over five years.  They create a very specific atmosphere conveyed through compositions by Greg Lamy and his unique sound. Nowadays, Greg Lamy lives and works between Luxembourg and Paris. After completing a degree at Conservatoire of Luxembourg, at the Berklee College of... [Lire la suite]
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10 juillet 2013

13/07/2013, 22:00

MOJO CHILLIN'  Mojo Chillin' is a new project we recently discovered and are very happy to present to you. The band was created early 2012. The trio plays essentially '50s-'70s blues and rock covers.Percussions, guitar and an authentic female singer, Emilie, rearrange and recreate the songs to keep their energy and dynamics adding a very personnal touch to the sounds and songs.THey play songs by artists such as Rolling Stones, TRex, Muddy Water, Neil Young, etc...Come discover!!
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09 juillet 2013

11/07/2013, 21:30

PUGSLEY BUZZARD  Pugsley Buzzard is a consummate artist performing hundreds of shows every year. From the jazz cellars of Berlin to downtown New Orleans Pugsley has dazzled audiences far and wide with his unique brand of piano driven boogie and blazing stride in conjunction with his huge mezmerizing voice that makes the ladies sigh and grown men cry. So get yer funky selves along to one of his shows now and get yerself booglarized. Pugsley Buzzard is a piano player and singer with a distinctive sound. Pugsley’s shows... [Lire la suite]
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08 juillet 2013

09/07/2013, 21:30

FOX  Fox is a trio which does not accept the half-measures. Its music makes no concession and is spontaneous, energetic and provocative. Concerts are often the occasions of surprises and spontaneous arrangements. Three musicians, François Delporte - electric guitars, Olivier Stalon – electric basses and Xavier Rogé - drums, are long-time friends. Xavier and Olivier met almost 10 years ago by being the rhythmic engines of [qUETZALl], DARWIN CASE and several other international projects. François crossed Olivier's road... [Lire la suite]
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01 juillet 2013

04/07/2013, 21:30

FRED BARRETO GROUP  Fred hardly needs to be presented anymore, he's simply one of the few best blues and rock guitarist around! The Fred Barreto group is his personal project besides the numerous other projects he is part of - in between others Porn Queen, LiquID Blues Houseband, Dave Jalisco & the Lucky dogs, Blues Gansters, etc... Originally from Brasil, Fred is based in germany since a few years now.Backed up by Tomy Boy Lehnert on drums and Nicolas Fageot on bass, this is for sure and from... [Lire la suite]
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