The band’s name was inspired by the story of ‘Sneaky Pete’, a enslaved man during the times of American slavery and black oppression, the times when the roots of blues was born.  Sneaky Pete, made a legend from his famous brew, a mix of leftover wine from white owner’s barrels.  The brew would take his name,  ‘Sneaky Pete’, of which he shared with his fellow slaves.  ‘Sneaky Pete’ is at the heart of blues and soul and the legend is at the heart of the band. 

sneaky pete 02

“Sneaky Pete”! A blues band, certainly, but they are so versatile in their approach to contemporary and traditional American music that their tapestry of sound includes R&B, funk, soul, rock’n roll, and of course, blues rock and jazz blues. The band is a conglomerate of six musicians from Venezuela, Luxembourg, Slovenia, and the U.S.A. which formed because everyone had similar thoughts and ideas about music, and forged themselves together based on years of experience from previous groups. They decided to invent a viable and fresh approach to the music they love to express. The band is comprised of the exciting and animated front man and vocalist, Randolph “Randy” Melton, Jr.; the sizzling and explosive guitar work of Claude “Sneaky Pete” Daleiden; the compelling, energetic and versatile keyboards performed by Bojan “Fingers” Perko; the dynamic duo of rhythm, the battery, drummer, Alfredo P. Delgado, and bassist, Claude “Yatz” Pleimelding; and, the driving tones of amplified and electric harmonicas from Ron “Rockin’ Ronny” Tuffel.   LIVE! “Sneaky Pete” is a vibrant and energetic band. The music is up-tempo and rocking! The sounds will make you clap your hands, stomp your feet, and “shake your money maker”!