A warm voice supported by a strong and powerful rhythm section seasoned with catchy guitar riffs.

as malik live poster

As Malick is a Senegalese singer well known and recognized in his country. After two acclaimed albums (including Dakar All Stars), he moved to Metz in 2008 and brought together three musicians "Blue Tribe" who would drive the whole project. The group created an original sound between pop, soul, reggae and rock: their common influences.

Their first album "Trip" was released in 2010 and "Hope" a 5-track EP was released in 2012.They already have their more than a hundred active concerts, TV and radio whose lives open Keziah Jones show in 2012.

as malik on stage

On stage a mixture of positive energy, intoxicating original vibration and relentless riffs come alive. Early January, a third opus - a second 5 track EP "Life Time" consolidates the real sound and the new direction of the band with even more lively and catchy compositions.

as malik - life time

A great and fun night not to be missed!!!
Come have fun!!