14 novembre 2013

16/11/2013, 22:00

PIT DAHM TRIOFeaturing MATISS CUDARS Our friend Pit Dahm is back in LiquID with his dutch trio and an amazing workoholic musician as special guest this Saturday. Based in Amsterdam, this band consisting of three musicians from three different countries brings together a special mix of composed and free improvised music. They all met between 2010 and 2013 in the Netherlands and play together together in different projects. In the beginning of 2013, the Luxembourgish drummer Pit Dahm decided to bring Charley Rose (F) and Lennart... [Lire la suite]
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08 novembre 2013

09/11/2013, 22:00

DANIELA KRUGER(Formerly BOSSY BITCH) Daniela is back with her crew this Saturday to groove and rock you seriously.Not typically a cover band, they perform the songs of reknowned blues-rock and rock artists such as Joe Bonamassa, Richie Kotzen, Stevie Ray, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, and many more... BOSSY BITCH was created early 2012 and is conducted by Daniela Kruger on the bass.Daniela Kruger is a bulgarian bassist based in Luxembourg for a little while now. In the mean time, studying... [Lire la suite]
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12 octobre 2013

12/10/2013, 22:00

XO BLUESBAND  Despite their band's name, the XO's are not strictly a bluesband.Seriously influenced by the blues they are just as much a funk-rock band as well. Influenced by artists like Walter Trout, David Lee Roth, Gary Moore, Lucky Peterson, Tower of Power, Jimi Hendrix, they perform an amazing show based on raw energy and good vibes.A real party show we are happy to welcome back this week-end for another ECLECTLiq SESSION ;) Those of you who already know them, will know where they gotta... [Lire la suite]
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27 septembre 2013

28/09/2013, 22:00

VENICE DOORS  Venice is the name of the beach in L.A. which saw the birth of The Doors, the only rock band with 6 gold records in a row and 150 million records sold. A myth. Jim Morrison, the emblematic singer and poet tragically gone in Paris in 1971, was their leader. Four passionate musicians from Metz, France, have decided to carry on the flame and play The Doors live in their original structure. Olivier Junkar as the lead singer, Amaury Charmetant on bass-keyboard and organ, Rémy Grunfelder on drums and Steph Juvancic... [Lire la suite]
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10 juillet 2013

13/07/2013, 22:00

MOJO CHILLIN'  Mojo Chillin' is a new project we recently discovered and are very happy to present to you. The band was created early 2012. The trio plays essentially '50s-'70s blues and rock covers.Percussions, guitar and an authentic female singer, Emilie, rearrange and recreate the songs to keep their energy and dynamics adding a very personnal touch to the sounds and songs.THey play songs by artists such as Rolling Stones, TRex, Muddy Water, Neil Young, etc...Come discover!!
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12 juin 2013

15/06/2013, 22:00

THE FLASHAfter a first apprearance in LiquID in decembre last year, we are truely happy to welcome this very attractive and original project again next Saturday for the next EclectLiq Session! The Flash is a musical provocation meant to create positive reactions.They are mostly influenced by 60ies and 70ies pop-rock (Fleetwood Mac, Jefferson Airplane, Syd garret, Hendrix…) and use these influences to create their own modern sound. The band exists in its actual form since 2009 and is about to launch their... [Lire la suite]
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17 mai 2013

18/05/2013, 22:00

UNINSPIRED   LiquID is very happy to welcome those very old friends of ours to close up our birthdaycelebration week. Hailing from the south of Belgium, Uninspired is a multi-faceted trio, incredibly eclectic; mixing energetic upbeat music and humorous lyrics from which the band name suddenly makes perfect sense.  Inspired by parody rock, the music often drifts into blues, pop, funk and disco. Come and have fun with us!!
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15 mai 2013

17/05/2012, 22:00

GOON MAT & LORD BENARDO  Ok I'm really not trying to get anyone mad at me about this one, but this very one is definitely my Highlight of the Year!!! Originally formed as a trio with the legendary STINKY LOU, back then playing the washtub and that you can nowadays go meet in his bar in Liège Lou's Bar, offering live music every sunday, this Raw and dirty Boogie trio animated LiquIDon the Blues & Jazz Rallye for several years and seriously contributed on making LiquID's reputation too. Nowadays, this... [Lire la suite]
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09 mai 2013

11/05/2013, 22:00

AS MALICK & BLUE TRIBE  AS MALICK is a charismatic senegalese singer. After two acclaimed albums and recognition in his own country, he moved to Metz in 2008. He gathered with three local musicians with quite diverse musical backgrounds who formed the BLUE TRIBE. The band created a very original and own sound roaming between afro, funk, soul and pop. An incredibly warm voice carried by a solid and powerful rhythmical section. Their first record TRIP came out in 2010 and a newer EP more orientated pop and soul... [Lire la suite]
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02 mai 2013

04/05/2013, 22:00

CLOCKWORK RADIO   Music crosses national, religious and cultural boundaries and this is as evident as ever in the sound, ideas and diversity of Clockwork Radio. The band currently based in Manchester, consists of two Welshmen, two Mancunians and an Egyptian. This diversity of culture, sound and nationality has not always worked in the band’s favour; battling it out over visa issues in order to get bassist Nadim Mirshak permission to tour Europe, postponing African tours due to the 2010 revolution in Egypt, and critics... [Lire la suite]
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