24 août 2015

27/08/2015, 21:30

to go on with our special summer gigs program, we are happy to welcome this pretty cool project for the third year in a row. 

rufus ready imaginary friends

 "Rufus Ready was born ready. Or so he likes to say. Jamie Jetpack joined in 2011 and became the first imaginary friend. The songs are rhythmic, somewhat folksy and very much obsessed with the correct amount of grit.

They’ve played with some great imaginary folks recently, Frank Drews aka Frank Frank, Sacha Hack aka Harry Hammond Jussi the Jussifier Jaatinen aka Boy King and have a long roster of illustrous imaginary alumni.

Deborah Lehnen aka Mumbai Madness
David Mirizzi aka Dashing Dave
Erik Stein aka Rick Stone
Achal Murthy aka Mr. Murphy
Christophe Demart aka Chris Credible

If you play the fiddle, harp or saw, feel like jiving to their jazz and can’t think of anything cooler than getting a jaunty moniker of your own – give 'em a holler!"

rufus ready

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